SUNDAY morning

26th February
Today is my 12th day here in Dunedin... Im slowly adapting to the environment.. Sincerely, I have to admit that I had a severe homesick syndrome when I first arrived.. But after more than a week being here, I must say I'm adapting pretty well.. So, today.. being d 2nd sunday in Dunedin, I woke up relatively early.. 9 am?? Today, I went out with d rest of the JPa students, mostly doin medic.. Future Doctors in d making.. We went to d Octagon.. It took us around 20 mins to reach there but beforre getting there, we stopped at several shops.. Im suprised that d boys know how to shop s well.. Ended up, they re d ones wit lotsa things.. T-shirts, pants etc.. Salute to d boys.. Then, we shopped at Neworld (Hope i got d right spelling) I must say that d things here a quite cheap.. Spent 25 dollars in total.. buyin my stuff.. Then later on, at home, I cooked for syai n fa.. my famous Yee Mee Kung fu.. I almost forgotten how to cook it.. But at d end, it turned out .. not bad.. No worries, theres stilll next time!! LOL!! I guess, tats all for now.. Since its my 1st time, I guess this is enuf =P
P/s: Missing my family very much!! Missing My Frens, Missing Azmir!! Missing Malaysia!! Tanah Air ku