Saturday has dropped by.. At Last...

Yo0ho0! At last, d Weekend is here!!
Lets do a Recap on wut ive done for d past 5 days.. I must say, once lectures has started, ull get to0 indulged wit d new workload tat u probably see tat time passes u by very fast... tats wut happend to me.. wake up early in d morning.. 830 for no reason.. despite not having classes tat early n came back around 3.. tat wuz my routine for d past week n im pretty sure tat it will rotate till... (God knows).. Yesterday, I have received 2 heavy boxes from Malaysia.. all d way from Malaysia to Auckland.. N to Auckland to Dunedin.. such a far journey eyhh boxes!! Thanks to my bloved uncle n kazen.. Damn happy with d content of those 2 boxes.. All d things I wanted, was exactly in it.. eventhough all my stuf had to fight for space.. Man, u shud see the susunan of those stuff..(Good idea mum to stuff d soxs in d shoes..U saved space!!) Things like payung, books (smart sis.. knows her ways of buyin d rite books) Thanks eh!! N all other stuf like stationeries n more clothes.. huhu.. So here I am, at 630 mornin in Nz doin basically nuthin.. To tell d truth, im very eager to go to a wet market here n my frens are goin around 730 to 8. So, i might s well wake up to start my day early!! Event for today.. wet market n BBq!! yo0Hoo!! ( Now u know y I starte my blog wit d magical word of Yo0Hoo)

miss my family, kazens, frens n Azmir too!! Luv u guys!!

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