Approach to life

hye! its me again. One thing about me is that, if I just started something regardless whether it s a game or even learning something new, at the very beginning, I will be very keen and eager to do it often, in this context, I blog 2 days berturut2 already. I sincerely hope that this would last, so again, just wait and see aye. Well, its such a lovely Sunday but here I am, in my room doing my ritual studying. Heh. Learning management has indeed made me see things in life differently. Let me share some with you. Personality which each and everyone of you is distinct from another.. is described as a unique combination of pyhsical characteristics that influences how a person reacts and interacts with others. A way to measure your personality is the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (dont bother finding out bout it). Lets get to the point. There is 4 dimensions in measuring one s personality. One of it is Approach to Life, one can either be judging or perceiving. A jugding person tends to control its life, set goals and be organised where as a perceiving individual is the 'go with the flow' type, let life happens and prety flexible. I must say, I am under the judging category. I love to plan my activities and admit I am an organised person.. What about you. Ever ponder? That s all from me. A brief insight of youself from the view of a commerce student taking management111. Huh.

Njoy ur very last hours of the weekend peps..


Angeline Esmeralda said...

Hye babe!!
At last u re-blog again huh?! haha..;)terror la u,lepas belajar comp111 terus know how to do this and that! Terror la u.. ;).Semua dah start blog.. haiz..!! C u at uni tmr!

mohd azmir said...

hahaha.. it was me who help her btw!! =)