Salam to all
So, this is the 5th day of Ramadhan. How time passes you by so fast tat sedar tak sedar, it has been 5 days dah rite? Here I am, after having sahur. I had nasi goreng tomyam n yda is so good at preparing it. I wouldnt wana sleep yet.. not just yet coz the thought of sleeping after eating makes you fat scares me. I wonder, does it really make u fat tdo after makan? *thinking* who cares, in less than an hour, ill b in slumberland :) Unaware of the surrounding till 9 am. Not much to say except that my weekends gona b filled with activities. Seriously filled. Not with msian club or toroa's activities, but JPA talk. Sigh. Imagine listening to their talks from 830 till 5 with an empty stomach and the thought of exams, books n even food lingering around the minds of most students nanti.. heh. Jk. Tapi thank God by the end of d day, dinner will be prepared and really really hope it would b good, yummy and tasty.. LOL!
That s all for now i guess..
Selamat berpose y'all. Selamat bersahur and Selamat Berbuka :)
P/s: Miss my mum's cooking.. Hurm.. Who doesnt rite?

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