Yup.. Its true. Im not feeling that good. Probably its because of the spring I suppose. When I was young, innocently playing in d park, with beatufiul flowers around me, i did not once realise that these flowers have this thingie =pollen that could cause sinus. Urghh I jus hate this. Here I am, in my room, trying to heal. Heh. I missed 2 activities today. Going to botanical garden and some OMSA thingie that I was suppose to help out. I thought that by sleeping 8 hrs was enuf to ease my pain (being so tragic bout it) but it did not. I had to sleep for another 3 hrs because my head was spinning. Damn. I showered twice already and it is not night yet. Right now, at this exact moment, I have a running nose.. and keep coughing. Life is tough ay? When I arrived Nz, I got sick once in d 1st sem and now. That makes it twice. Its pure torture i tell you. With the soon finishing tissue box, I wonder when will my sickness go away. I have so many things ahead of me. Fasting, assignments, exams.. Ya Allah, give your hamba courage to go through all of these in one piece. Ameen. Damn pollens. Haha.. Bcoz of it, I have to b careful everytime I go out. Mum s advice, cover your mouth. How am I suppose to do tat? Not hawtness if I do so. Ahaks. That makes me wonder..which is important, ur health or beauty. Obviously health aye? LOL!! Enough from me. Haf enuf on my plate alredi. Need to start my work. That s all peps.

Till then.. Salam.. Selamat Berpuasa :)


mohd azmir said...

pollen? haha.. beta go see DR!! sure u recover really soon.. n most pray lots n lots from god!! is good sign that u get sick, coz org yg tak pernah sakit is ussually teruk!! eg: firaun etc..

Natasha Cheow said...

hahaha.. Azmir is being all alim here.. Good2!! hurm, try n heal for myself first. then, ill seek doc s help ok? huhu.. yeah!! org kate kalo sakit.. kurang dosa or sumthin like tat rite? hehe..