Pemuja Rahasia

From the title, you could have guessed.. Its about this particular song by sheila on 7 that has captured my attention when I first heard it and is now, one my favourite song of all time :)

Ku awali hari ku dgn mendoakan mu agar kau selalu sihat dan bahagia di sana
Sebelum kau melupakan ku lebih jauh sebelum kau meninggalkan ku lebih jauh
Ku tak pernah berharap kau kan merindukn keberadaan ku yang menyedihkan ini
Ku hanya ingin bila kau melihat ku kapan ku dimana pun hati mu kan berkata seperti ini
and d song continues..

It was back in 2004, when I first listened to it. I love all about the song. The lyrics, the tempo.. Syiok sangat2! At that time, Azmir was the one who introduced this song to me and know wut, thanks azmir for doing so =)

Everytime I listen to this song, it reminds me of so many fond memories back at Intec.
I'll never get bored of listening to it.. Never..
Love this song so much!!!
Am so bored.. of studying!!!
Cant wait to balik Malaysia *16 days and counting* Yeah!!!


Study or not??!!

It is really unfair i tell you when you are among those that have exams on d last few days of exam week. I am no exception. My last paper is on d 10th of November and guess what, d last day of xm is on the 11th. Bengang gak ah. Imagine this, After raya, you sat for 2 papers and you have 2 more to go. As for ur frens, They had 3 papers left after raya but then you realised that at the end of tis week, all of them finished their exams and here you are left with.. 2 more papers.. I am so stressed up not because of too much studying to do but I am bengang because of the waiting period and ppl around me are enjoying themselves by the end of this week. Damn.
Am so bored sitting in my little room..studying!! If I dont study, I end up regretting for not doing so. If I do otherwise, I ll menyesal as well.. So, wut should I do? To study or not?? LOL!!



Eid Mubarak

At last, I manage to be an active blogger again. After weeks abandoning my blog, here I am, posting a very interesting post indeed. So, how does it feel to celebrate your raya abroad? Did I miss my mum's cooking? All d yummy kuih raya? How about duit raya? So many questions lingered my mind the day before 1Syawal, despite the fact that I have an exam on d day itself but hye, raya tetap raya right? I ironed my kurung d nite before. Too excited to sleep just yet. I even dled takbir raya from my azmir (huhu..sorry ye) so that I feel as if am listening to the routine show on tv back in msia..takbir berkumandang :) At that time, I felt homesick and lonely, away from my loved ones.

1st Syawal, woke up pretty early because solat aidilfitri was about 730 am. The gurls waited for the boys and man, they dressed up longer than gurls. At the mosque, everyone, kecik besar tua n muda dressed pleasantly. Very colourful especially the Malaysians. You had a group of gurls wearing red and seangkatan dgn nya as their theme colour, blue, green and banyak lagi. Unfortunate for me, no one was wearing yellowy, beachy sort of colour. Then, at 930 am, I had my comp111 examination. I hope I did well for that paper. At noon, which was 7 am in Msia, calld my bloved family. Damn, I miss them so much. Heh

That afternoon, we had a small rumah terbuka among toroans. Thanks to instant food, they surely taste like home made alrite. Heh. For my part, my flatmate n I cooked rendang instant, begedil n blueberry cake all in 3 hrs straight. But the best part was rumah terbuka at the seniors hse, sedap gle!! All you want for raya is served there, except for satay. Ade lontong, soto, kuah kacang. Yum2!

Syai and me

That's basically it.. my 1st day of raya

2nd Syawal started of with a small rumah terbuka for sponsored students. We paid 5 dllrs each and the food was really good. I helped out as well, now I know how to make roti Jala! Yeah2!! Everyone was dressed super hot tat day! Very pretty and good looking :) I ate so damn much that I was full half an hour later. Cheh. All i did there was makan, makan, makan, bergambar, makan.. LOL!!

hanis and I, the first few to arrived early

the accounting students.Yeah!!

my dearest fa and I

Told you so I Bergambar dgn byknye!! LOL!!

Thats how I enjoyed my 2nd Syawal

As for the 3rd, it was boring.. Need no telling :P

Selamat Hari Raya to all my frens!!

Minta maaf zahir n batin n halalkn all my makan minum n everythin that ive said, done etc, maafkan ye!!

2 more papers to go. Wish me luck peps!!


Toroa Dinner & Malam Malaysia

A busy weekend has passed. On friday night, I went for toroa dinner and it wasnt that fun but the food was really good, especially the dessert. Yum2! I ate alot but nah, who cares.. The dinner was at the railway station restaurant. If im not mistaken, the railway station has been abandoned? Is tat so? Heh. Pepandai je but when i was there, it looked pretty old and unkept. So I pressume it is. Heh. me, rawaida, ardi and alice!! :)

me, mikail, rawaida

Me and my assumptions. Ahaks. The very next day, I had Omsa Malam Malaysia. Extremely tiring but worth the fun. Woke up really early coz have to b there in the morning. I had to do backstage. Initially I was an usher, but because of short of hands backstage I had to do it. Kate commitee..these are some of the sacrifices I have to make. Not being able watch the whole thing.. Sacrifice..Sacrifice.. Imagine, starting from 930 am till 545 pm I was at Castle 1. That is where the whole thing took place. The crew was given 45 minutes to go back, take a shower and hurried back. Penat.. Penat sangat. I didnt eat from morning till it was about 9pm. too busy to think about food. For refreshment, we had kuih bakar and currypuff sardin. Sedapnye. So many demanded more. Sorry people.. We couldnt mass produce because tak cukup 'kaki tangan'. Heh. Penat those kitchen angels who have helped out. Thanks ya! and me as the treasurer, after calculating the sales and expenses roughly, I must say we have break even. That is good enough considering the fact that clubs often make a loss when it comes at organising cultural activities. So, I must say, OMSA did pretty well! As for the actors and actresses, you guys were great! You could hear loud laughter from the crowd acknowledging your excellent performance and humour! Yay!! Kuddos to everybody in the committee. I ended my night by calculating the money obtained and had a drink at McDonalds, as someone volunteered to belanja me. Thnks mr!! :) It was indeed a fun night!

joey, one of the main character-gao ching, me, alina

the crew (kenneth, me, wee, adeline, khai) and ba- ba white sheep

That s all from me..

Ramadhan dah nak sampai ke penghujung..

Wondering how much good deeds have I done..

Ampunkan dosa hamba mu ini ya Allah ya tuhanku..Ameen..



As i have promised, after cooking for iftar last nite, I am suppose to post something bout it. Well, I ve asked a reliable friend of mine to comment on the cooking and he said.. nasi lembik. Heh. True enough. A very good explanation for that is, u see, we..the group had to cook 20 kgs of rice. We used rice cooker at first n there were only 5/6 of them. Sah2 not enough. Once, you are done with the first batch, immediately you had to start with the others. That is why nasi is lembik mama.. Luckily there were this seniors of ours who came to the rescue. She cooked the rice mengunakan kaedah kawah. Is that what you call it? Anyways, we managed to cook the rice on time. Fortunately, the ayam masak merah covered the lembikness of the tomato rice. Sorry ye org2 masjid. I was so exhausted after cooking that a friend of mine told me that I looked so pale. Before cooking the rice, I had to siang ayam. Arrghh!! A big box full of chicken.. Imagine the fats n all.. SErious gross. Tonight I have a dinner to attend but before that, I have to go to Malam Malaysia full rehearsal. I am suppose to b there rite now, but told my Mr. Pres that i'll be late. Hope he would never find out bout this. Heh. I'll update more stuff soon okay! Need to get ready for my toroa ball n omsa thingie.

That s all..Selamat Berpuasa peps!!
P/s: overall, the nasi tomato was okay i think.
Take care frens...
Happy birthday my bestest fren in msia..Shuyi!!!!!
Miss ya babe!!



To start of, I have no idea what to have as the title. So, I simply put one. in 15 minutes, I am off to the masjid but before tat, just drop by to write a thing or two. Today, the weather is fine. You could even wear a t-shirt and walk around the uni. I had no class today. My management tutorial, which is the only class I have every Wednesday, has long ended so I am pretty free. I volunteered my self to b the ticket gurl today. Malaysian night is around d corner, saturday to b specific. So, exactly at 12 just now, I was officially the Otago Malaysian Student Asscosiation ticket gurl. The sales were really good. I was told that in previous days, they only managed to sell up to 20 plus tickets only but today, it was different. with me as the ticket gurl, we sold up to 40 plus tickets! Guess I am just a 'crowd puller' huh? Am proud of myself. LOL! It is really tiring having to smile for 2 hrs, persuading ppl to buy tickets from us. I should have taken marketing... polish my skills alrite. Right after the job as a 'sales gurl' I went straight home as there is another task tat awaits me. Kitchen gurl pulak. Well u see, tomolo, my usrah group will b d one cooking for iftar. So to avoid any chaos, my 'boss' decided to prepare sum stuff first. We chopped and blended the onions, garlics and even chillis (This is were the title comes from. Heh). Almost cried coz of d onions. Gile la.. N while removing d biji from d chillis, mak aih... pijar tangan ku ini.. Takpe2, for a good cause. Dont mind doing it anyway. Before I forget, we are cooking nasi tomato. Haha. Will post sumthin tomolo to tell you among the comments we received nanti.
That s all from mua!
Still praying for you..
Njoy ramadhan..
It is ending soon.. Cherish it.. Live it!!


4our in One

Sorry for the variety of fonts. I would like to know which one I would prefer the most (still undecided). Heh. So, as mentioned by the title, I'd like to share an experience I had today. four in one. Here in Dunedin, with the spring season, it was highly unlikely to come across all four seasons in a day but to my amazement, it happened today. This morning, I was awaken by a soft voice outside my room, calling out my name informing me that there is snow. Despite the fact that I woke up damn late, I was meghayati the snowflakes out of my window. Sangat menarik. Heh. But it stopped as abrupt as it has started. Lucky as well coz I had class in 2 hrs time and wouldnt want to walk outside with a degree of 0 celcius (Ive checked the weather forecast). While I was walking to class, there it hit me. The gushing wind straight at my face. Siout btul! i didnt tie my hair. So, imagine, such an ugly sight. Heh. Then, on the afternoon, the sun was being so overwhelmed that the terikan cahaya matahari amatlah terasa. So, let me count, you have snow, sun, wind and a fine ambience all in one day. Menarik right? That is what you call a typical dunedin <--as quoted by one of the Malaysian student here :P
As for you ( you know who you are, i ll pray for your success. May Allah SWT help his hamba sewaktu susah.. Ameen)
That s all from me..
Take care peps..
Remember, always turn to Allah SWT for help as Allah SWT Maha Penyayang and Maha Pemberi.
I am out!!!
am cookin at home today.. Too cold to go out.. *Chill2*



Babies are adorably cute. They are so innocent that when you look at them, you somehow mengagungkan ciptaan Allah SWT. They are just so puurFeCcTT! This morning when I was feeling low, I came acroos a father and his toddler. My, his daughter is so beautiful. Her tiny features and toothless smile make my day alrite! Not just that, I went to the mosque to have a free dinner evnthough I am *go figure* Dont bother cooking. So, while everyone was about to perform maghrib prayers, I was carrying this angel looking baby of the imam's. His wife wanted to pray so I volunteered myself to babysit for few minutes. I was pretty worried coz the baby cried when she saw her mother. I had to come with something. Think tasha think. Tried my handphone busying clicking here and there.. it did not work. So I sat at one corner, and started 'tepuk' and 'gelek' a lil bit. After doing so for about one minutes, she stopped sobbing. Within seconds, she felt asleep. That was the best feeling ever. Not like I wana get married this instance and have babies but the thought of being able to make a baby go to sleep just feel so satisfactory. I felt so contented with myself. The image of her, sleeping in my arms is just... Wonderful. Love that moment even though extremely exhausted of 'geleking' and 'tepuking' Such a beautiful sight. Love it. love it lots.
Babies are beauties.
That s all from me.
Goodnite n salam.
Selamat Berpuasa


I know feelings are supposed to be contained within yourself but I just cant take it anymore. What is wrong with women. Why are they so emotional where as men can control it very well. Why are men so insensitive where as women are so fragile and soft hearted..not all of them but some of them are and i am one of those overly sensitive person. It s not fair what life has to offer. One fine morning, u r on the top of d moon.. being hypothetical here and the very next day, you have fallen on ur knees. Back to the story, I know that this feeling of mine must be kept, all secretive and all but why bother. It would no harm letting people know how I feel and again, this is what blogging for right. I seriously am sad with someone right now. Am very very sad. You can call me a selfish person but to tell the truth, I often wonder..am I? Why dont you look at it at a bigger picture. Sometimes ppl often advice me to ask myself, sit at a corner of a room and think. To tell the truth, am too lazy to think. Why must I do the thinking when others dont. Why must I feel sad and guilty when i done something that I wasnt supposed to do where as others do it freely without realising it hurts other ppl. This is what you call an negative 'externalities': What you do incur either a cost or benefit to others indirectly. Remember ppl, your actions influence others. You might hurt them a great deal witouth realising or you could even make their day by doing a single action. Think! Sorry for asking you to think. But again, who reads this anyway. so, who cares but for those who are reading this, think before you act or say. That is why God gave you brain.. to think and heart to feel. It is really unfair when you carry the burden when others are happily enjoying their lives without realising what their actions impact on others. human.. Selfish human being and i am no exception. Heh. Life is unfair. True enough but is it worth living when you are in misery. Are there ways to overcome it? Is this part of life? A learning process. Think? Are you strong enough to sail trough it on your own. Are you smart enough to survive in this vicious world? Think again. A piece of advice, dont ever ever let people 'pijak kepala' you as long as you live bcoz once they do, they will always do. So stay firm n strong and decide what you want in life. Think hard n wise and decide. Have I make my decision even though it will hurt ppl around me or even myself? Think again.
What a post to start of for the week.
Selamat berpuasa!



Sorry for my poor grammar. Could not b bothered to check. No more next time. Blame on the mild pain im having and not concentrating as there is many things in my mind right now. Heh. Sorry. Next time I proof read before I post.
People make mistakes?


What a day to start of!! I went to d dental skool this morning. Let me give d reasons of me doing so. Lately, after a week of being unwell: with my sinus ad coughing, I encounter another sickness. My tooth aches. Not tooth but actually teeths. 3 molars on my upper left. The pain was not really bad but I was afraid that it might get worse. So one night, I went to d mosque and meet a senior of mine. Who is a dent student. She adviced me to go to d Dent skool to haf a look at it. I was afraid tat it might be gigi berlubang. Cuak sudey. She told me some scary consequences I tell you. So the very next day, with my courage went to d skool. To cut it short, after waiting for almost an hour and half, there she was.. my Dentist. A 5th year dental student n guess what. She is a Malaysian. We chatted for a while and then, she had a look into my prob. After examining it, she could not figure out what is wrong. There is not holes whatsoeva yet I feel uncomfortable. So, she seek d real dentist's help. He was so full of confidence, at very young age it amazes me. So cool. so calm. Yeah! When he looked at it, straight away he knew what went wrong. His 1st question, did u haf a flu recently? Bingo! I said yes! Aha.. Then it must be the sinus prob he continued. To confirm, I had an xray of my teeth. Interesting but it costs me 26 dollars to sahkan. Cheh. Anyways, after d xray, my msian dentist to be confirmed that there is an inflammation near my gum. That is why my teeth is extra sensitive. Nothing to worry bout but I haf to cure my sinus ASAP. Heh. So, no gigi tampal. That is peps. Thanks for reading my post on gigi tampal! Ahaks.
Selamat berpuasa.
P/S: am going to see a dentist when i get back to malaysia for further check up. Huhu.