4our in One

Sorry for the variety of fonts. I would like to know which one I would prefer the most (still undecided). Heh. So, as mentioned by the title, I'd like to share an experience I had today. four in one. Here in Dunedin, with the spring season, it was highly unlikely to come across all four seasons in a day but to my amazement, it happened today. This morning, I was awaken by a soft voice outside my room, calling out my name informing me that there is snow. Despite the fact that I woke up damn late, I was meghayati the snowflakes out of my window. Sangat menarik. Heh. But it stopped as abrupt as it has started. Lucky as well coz I had class in 2 hrs time and wouldnt want to walk outside with a degree of 0 celcius (Ive checked the weather forecast). While I was walking to class, there it hit me. The gushing wind straight at my face. Siout btul! i didnt tie my hair. So, imagine, such an ugly sight. Heh. Then, on the afternoon, the sun was being so overwhelmed that the terikan cahaya matahari amatlah terasa. So, let me count, you have snow, sun, wind and a fine ambience all in one day. Menarik right? That is what you call a typical dunedin <--as quoted by one of the Malaysian student here :P
As for you ( you know who you are, i ll pray for your success. May Allah SWT help his hamba sewaktu susah.. Ameen)
That s all from me..
Take care peps..
Remember, always turn to Allah SWT for help as Allah SWT Maha Penyayang and Maha Pemberi.
I am out!!!
am cookin at home today.. Too cold to go out.. *Chill2*


mohd azmir said...

hmm.. igt tuhan not only when u i needed but everytime!! hehe... insyaallah everthing gona b ok!!
thnx for the concern..

btw, cool weather ey u have there?
that's just a small portion of how power god is!!!

Natasha Cheow said...

yes.. u r so right.. to ask for Allah SWT help, mestilah must do so many good stuff s well.. Lemak la if tau mintak tapi taktau earn it as in iman. Yeah! ALLAH SWT is beyond greatness (repetition) heh

-Mr. HeiR- said...

Go la tasha with ur blog.....support u...

Angeline Esmeralda said...

As it says in the bible and made me beleive it always "Ask and it will be given to you,seek and you will find it" if you don't ask how can God give it to you. Am sure its the same as its in the Koran as well aye?

Natasha Cheow said...

yeah!! tats d way mr. heir. need ppl support alrite!! :)

Natasha Cheow said...

hahaha.. my angie is bcoming all alim aye!! yeah! true enuf wut u said babe..

m[oo]n said...

kenape semua orang cakap BI..hari ni english day ke?