Eid Mubarak

At last, I manage to be an active blogger again. After weeks abandoning my blog, here I am, posting a very interesting post indeed. So, how does it feel to celebrate your raya abroad? Did I miss my mum's cooking? All d yummy kuih raya? How about duit raya? So many questions lingered my mind the day before 1Syawal, despite the fact that I have an exam on d day itself but hye, raya tetap raya right? I ironed my kurung d nite before. Too excited to sleep just yet. I even dled takbir raya from my azmir (huhu..sorry ye) so that I feel as if am listening to the routine show on tv back in msia..takbir berkumandang :) At that time, I felt homesick and lonely, away from my loved ones.

1st Syawal, woke up pretty early because solat aidilfitri was about 730 am. The gurls waited for the boys and man, they dressed up longer than gurls. At the mosque, everyone, kecik besar tua n muda dressed pleasantly. Very colourful especially the Malaysians. You had a group of gurls wearing red and seangkatan dgn nya as their theme colour, blue, green and banyak lagi. Unfortunate for me, no one was wearing yellowy, beachy sort of colour. Then, at 930 am, I had my comp111 examination. I hope I did well for that paper. At noon, which was 7 am in Msia, calld my bloved family. Damn, I miss them so much. Heh

That afternoon, we had a small rumah terbuka among toroans. Thanks to instant food, they surely taste like home made alrite. Heh. For my part, my flatmate n I cooked rendang instant, begedil n blueberry cake all in 3 hrs straight. But the best part was rumah terbuka at the seniors hse, sedap gle!! All you want for raya is served there, except for satay. Ade lontong, soto, kuah kacang. Yum2!

Syai and me

That's basically it.. my 1st day of raya

2nd Syawal started of with a small rumah terbuka for sponsored students. We paid 5 dllrs each and the food was really good. I helped out as well, now I know how to make roti Jala! Yeah2!! Everyone was dressed super hot tat day! Very pretty and good looking :) I ate so damn much that I was full half an hour later. Cheh. All i did there was makan, makan, makan, bergambar, makan.. LOL!!

hanis and I, the first few to arrived early

the accounting students.Yeah!!

my dearest fa and I

Told you so I Bergambar dgn byknye!! LOL!!

Thats how I enjoyed my 2nd Syawal

As for the 3rd, it was boring.. Need no telling :P

Selamat Hari Raya to all my frens!!

Minta maaf zahir n batin n halalkn all my makan minum n everythin that ive said, done etc, maafkan ye!!

2 more papers to go. Wish me luck peps!!


m[oo]n said...

Selamat hari raya..쓸라맛 하리 라야

mohd azmir said...

yeah!! finally edited for me!! hooray.. thnx dear!! yups, raya in NZ wasnt that bad aye??
ok ar overall.. but raya would be much beta without exam rite??
at least kat msia kalo ade exam pun, not on the 1st raya kan??
since it still raya, nak mintak ampun lagi!! kalo ade slah silap yer sayang.. maapkan tau!! =)

Angeline Esmeralda said...

walaupun u makan byk u still look as hot as before!!HAHA! Glad that you gad fun despite the far away from home thing, but asusual babe,home is where the heart is!!eventhough exam but still it was great kan?!Why wasn't i invited to ruman terbuka?!Always like that!! haha!!K la babe,all the best and good luck for your other 2 papers!! Am going to miss u lotZZZ!!!

Natasha Cheow said...

moon: selamat hari raya, maaf zahir n batin!!

azmir: yeah! best gak rupenye raya abroad.. lawak actually.. 2006 raya dunedin...cibir..hahaha
mintak maaf gak!

angie: yeah! home is stil d best place, surrounded by ur love ones.. hha. ala, babe, chilling la..dun miss me when u dah blk nnt..ahaks.. msn kn ade.. chill aite?? love ya lots babe!