To start of, I have no idea what to have as the title. So, I simply put one. in 15 minutes, I am off to the masjid but before tat, just drop by to write a thing or two. Today, the weather is fine. You could even wear a t-shirt and walk around the uni. I had no class today. My management tutorial, which is the only class I have every Wednesday, has long ended so I am pretty free. I volunteered my self to b the ticket gurl today. Malaysian night is around d corner, saturday to b specific. So, exactly at 12 just now, I was officially the Otago Malaysian Student Asscosiation ticket gurl. The sales were really good. I was told that in previous days, they only managed to sell up to 20 plus tickets only but today, it was different. with me as the ticket gurl, we sold up to 40 plus tickets! Guess I am just a 'crowd puller' huh? Am proud of myself. LOL! It is really tiring having to smile for 2 hrs, persuading ppl to buy tickets from us. I should have taken marketing... polish my skills alrite. Right after the job as a 'sales gurl' I went straight home as there is another task tat awaits me. Kitchen gurl pulak. Well u see, tomolo, my usrah group will b d one cooking for iftar. So to avoid any chaos, my 'boss' decided to prepare sum stuff first. We chopped and blended the onions, garlics and even chillis (This is were the title comes from. Heh). Almost cried coz of d onions. Gile la.. N while removing d biji from d chillis, mak aih... pijar tangan ku ini.. Takpe2, for a good cause. Dont mind doing it anyway. Before I forget, we are cooking nasi tomato. Haha. Will post sumthin tomolo to tell you among the comments we received nanti.
That s all from mua!
Still praying for you..
Njoy ramadhan..
It is ending soon.. Cherish it.. Live it!!


-Mr. HeiR- said...

u have to be a good mascot for the malaysian nite, heh...cheers!!!

Natasha Cheow said...

yeah!! i sure will.. attract attention!! tats my speciality.. muahahahaha

angelineweess said...

WA!!! Sold so much ar today?! I guss the charm of a beautiful,cheerful girl attract the crowd! Hope to see a lot of ppl there!

mohd azmir said...

hmm.. centre of attraction huh? wonder why?? sure got a lots of hots guy checking u up aite?/
lol.. kidding!!!
onion? nice...

Natasha Cheow said...

angie: hahaha.. well, wut can i say.. *blushing*
azmir: hehe.. mayb.. mane tau.. wallahualam..ahaks.. :P