Pemuja Rahasia

From the title, you could have guessed.. Its about this particular song by sheila on 7 that has captured my attention when I first heard it and is now, one my favourite song of all time :)

Ku awali hari ku dgn mendoakan mu agar kau selalu sihat dan bahagia di sana
Sebelum kau melupakan ku lebih jauh sebelum kau meninggalkan ku lebih jauh
Ku tak pernah berharap kau kan merindukn keberadaan ku yang menyedihkan ini
Ku hanya ingin bila kau melihat ku kapan ku dimana pun hati mu kan berkata seperti ini
and d song continues..

It was back in 2004, when I first listened to it. I love all about the song. The lyrics, the tempo.. Syiok sangat2! At that time, Azmir was the one who introduced this song to me and know wut, thanks azmir for doing so =)

Everytime I listen to this song, it reminds me of so many fond memories back at Intec.
I'll never get bored of listening to it.. Never..
Love this song so much!!!
Am so bored.. of studying!!!
Cant wait to balik Malaysia *16 days and counting* Yeah!!!


mohd azmir said...

cant wait to back jer??
me?? lol...
yups, surely agree with u pemuja rahsia is all time fav for me as well!! thnx to chomet n megat for introducing tat song!! hahaha..
argh.. phys!! sigh...

angelineweess said...

no wonder i keep on seeing this song on ur playlist..ahhaa..=)
2 days till Auckalnd.. :P sorry i balik dulu..=) Gonna miss u babe!

m[oo]n said...

ooooo....macam tu rupe nye