What a day to start of!! I went to d dental skool this morning. Let me give d reasons of me doing so. Lately, after a week of being unwell: with my sinus ad coughing, I encounter another sickness. My tooth aches. Not tooth but actually teeths. 3 molars on my upper left. The pain was not really bad but I was afraid that it might get worse. So one night, I went to d mosque and meet a senior of mine. Who is a dent student. She adviced me to go to d Dent skool to haf a look at it. I was afraid tat it might be gigi berlubang. Cuak sudey. She told me some scary consequences I tell you. So the very next day, with my courage went to d skool. To cut it short, after waiting for almost an hour and half, there she was.. my Dentist. A 5th year dental student n guess what. She is a Malaysian. We chatted for a while and then, she had a look into my prob. After examining it, she could not figure out what is wrong. There is not holes whatsoeva yet I feel uncomfortable. So, she seek d real dentist's help. He was so full of confidence, at very young age it amazes me. So cool. so calm. Yeah! When he looked at it, straight away he knew what went wrong. His 1st question, did u haf a flu recently? Bingo! I said yes! Aha.. Then it must be the sinus prob he continued. To confirm, I had an xray of my teeth. Interesting but it costs me 26 dollars to sahkan. Cheh. Anyways, after d xray, my msian dentist to be confirmed that there is an inflammation near my gum. That is why my teeth is extra sensitive. Nothing to worry bout but I haf to cure my sinus ASAP. Heh. So, no gigi tampal. That is peps. Thanks for reading my post on gigi tampal! Ahaks.
Selamat berpuasa.
P/S: am going to see a dentist when i get back to malaysia for further check up. Huhu.


mohd azmir said...

as usual!! tasha will be always be tasha.. the consioustness of her!!(tul ker eja tu??))
relaks, im sure everything is gona be fine!! luv ya..

Natasha Cheow said...

hye... at times, tis kinda cases, u need to b xtra worried..wouldnt want nythin bad to happen n find out late maa...

sangkuriang said...

sinus tu penyakit apa? gigi baru tumbuh ek?