Sorry for my poor grammar. Could not b bothered to check. No more next time. Blame on the mild pain im having and not concentrating as there is many things in my mind right now. Heh. Sorry. Next time I proof read before I post.
People make mistakes?


mohd azmir said...

no need to be sorry to ur only reader!! hahahahaha.. he'll understand as he always do it in his blog!!! =P

p/s:he is me

Angeline Esmeralda said...

Hi babe..!!
Nvm la bout ur English, as long as org paham(is that the correct spelling?) thats it!why so susah with the grammar and stuffs?! Not e'one have purfect english! Take care babe! luv ya!
Hi Azmir,
you are not the only reader la, i too read her blog often! HAHA!