Study or not??!!

It is really unfair i tell you when you are among those that have exams on d last few days of exam week. I am no exception. My last paper is on d 10th of November and guess what, d last day of xm is on the 11th. Bengang gak ah. Imagine this, After raya, you sat for 2 papers and you have 2 more to go. As for ur frens, They had 3 papers left after raya but then you realised that at the end of tis week, all of them finished their exams and here you are left with.. 2 more papers.. I am so stressed up not because of too much studying to do but I am bengang because of the waiting period and ppl around me are enjoying themselves by the end of this week. Damn.
Am so bored sitting in my little room..studying!! If I dont study, I end up regretting for not doing so. If I do otherwise, I ll menyesal as well.. So, wut should I do? To study or not?? LOL!!



mohd azmir said...

hmm.. dun stress too much dear!! just think on the bright side maa!!
wat i can suggest is just study, but dun study too hard that u will tensen kan diri sendiri!! bosan2, study chilling ar!! kuar city sepam kerh?? but 1-2 days before exam, focus ar blk!! 2 jer..
sowie again... hope it helps!!

Angeline Esmeralda said...

Babe,Am sorry to read this. Just hang in there ya,dnt la stress too much...study to must la study, but its still a long way take it easy first and then like what Azmir said 1-2 days before exam then put in all the last min effort.Sometimes go la Just Jeans ke, Goroge Street ke and go window shopping. Oh,the bag that we saw at strandbags that day is nice la,i saw a lady used it just now in town! Cheer up babe!!

Natasha Cheow said...

azmir: thanks for ya advice.. hahaha..easy for you to say.. kate nk abis xm on wednesday.. nnt lupe org dunny..sob3..
angie: haha..ur rite, should go hang kai huh? c la how.. tis sat ur goin back huh.. xcited leh?? hehe

angelineweess said...

Ya la babe,go la hang kai kai and buy more stuffs.. yeah am going back this saturday!!Can't wait!! I need someone to pamper me d =)!Azmir,u cepat la datang,dnt bother to hang ard in Chch after ur exam datang je,lepas tu pamper Tasha tu.. huhuh.. =) Smile sweetiE!

Ruzaireen said...

aargh. kte same la tasha. my last paper is on the last day of exam which is on 11th. dh la on 11th have to kuar from accomodation gak. tsk tsk.


Natasha Cheow said...

reen: tu la pasal..emonye!! arrgghh!!! hahaha..