I know feelings are supposed to be contained within yourself but I just cant take it anymore. What is wrong with women. Why are they so emotional where as men can control it very well. Why are men so insensitive where as women are so fragile and soft hearted..not all of them but some of them are and i am one of those overly sensitive person. It s not fair what life has to offer. One fine morning, u r on the top of d moon.. being hypothetical here and the very next day, you have fallen on ur knees. Back to the story, I know that this feeling of mine must be kept, all secretive and all but why bother. It would no harm letting people know how I feel and again, this is what blogging for right. I seriously am sad with someone right now. Am very very sad. You can call me a selfish person but to tell the truth, I often wonder..am I? Why dont you look at it at a bigger picture. Sometimes ppl often advice me to ask myself, sit at a corner of a room and think. To tell the truth, am too lazy to think. Why must I do the thinking when others dont. Why must I feel sad and guilty when i done something that I wasnt supposed to do where as others do it freely without realising it hurts other ppl. This is what you call an negative 'externalities': What you do incur either a cost or benefit to others indirectly. Remember ppl, your actions influence others. You might hurt them a great deal witouth realising or you could even make their day by doing a single action. Think! Sorry for asking you to think. But again, who reads this anyway. so, who cares but for those who are reading this, think before you act or say. That is why God gave you brain.. to think and heart to feel. It is really unfair when you carry the burden when others are happily enjoying their lives without realising what their actions impact on others. human.. Selfish human being and i am no exception. Heh. Life is unfair. True enough but is it worth living when you are in misery. Are there ways to overcome it? Is this part of life? A learning process. Think? Are you strong enough to sail trough it on your own. Are you smart enough to survive in this vicious world? Think again. A piece of advice, dont ever ever let people 'pijak kepala' you as long as you live bcoz once they do, they will always do. So stay firm n strong and decide what you want in life. Think hard n wise and decide. Have I make my decision even though it will hurt ppl around me or even myself? Think again.
What a post to start of for the week.
Selamat berpuasa!


Angeline Esmeralda said...

Someone once told me that when you tell out ur feelings u will feel better,hopefully feel much better now.
There is nothing wrong with women,God gave us the ability to have a soft heart for others,to think of others and put ourselves in others shoes.Guys always think that they can do e'thing and show a brave face but some are really weak inside,like my bf!And there is another kind of guys who alwyas push things away,they always want to escape everything, ie the ex!When everything happends they want to let it go,easy for them to say and do but not for us. Someone told me just a couple of weeks ago that a girl's life is not always fair,why?because we always have to work harder and we always have to suffer the pain,because of guys who always push things away and want to avoid things!That is their weakness!And i find it really true and thats the kind of guy that i had once,my ex.
Babe,not all people think like me and you,we tend to hurt people un-intentionally(?) i know i hurt u at times and at time i hurt people that i care and love the most without knowing it,and i get hurt by people's commnet and judgement as well,thats life babe. We think what we are doing is perfect and great but others might not,at times i try not to say what i feel and think incase i hurt ppl,but i fail at times and i seriosuly thank God that among all my friend i at least have got a few that knows where am coming from and what am thinking. At least i still got him who knows where and how am going to do things.No doubt, our actions influence others action and also expression towards us,but always remember that they are others who loves us for who we are and what we are doing, its those kind of poeople that makes us move on!But babe dnt be too soft hearted that ppl take us for granted and for fun,dnt let ppl "pijak kepala" and always get it their way,you'll end up getting hurt,Don't give too much babe,you will end up getting hurt. Give and take in a balance way,dnt give and dnt take and you will regreat it, thats what i've learn this year after all that has happened!
One thing that i do often is appreciate what God has given me,all that he has given me are precious gift,be it good or bad.For the one person that i treasure most i thank God for giving me him,what I'll do without him,i do not know.Am still wondering how we have gotten thru all the hiccups all this while,and its amazing to see how we can work thru all this.Am determine not to let him go that easily and also not to take him for granted much, he has been such a wonderful friend all this while and now a wonderful bf! I would not have asked for more.Babe,trasure what you've got,cause u might not know when you are going to loose it and how!Don't be too sensitive and stress yourself too much!
Well,this has been a long commet,hopefully u dapat baca and understand, dnt understand ask me! hahaha!!=) take care babe,Love u lotzz!!

Natasha Cheow said...

Dear angie, thanks for the long comment. What uve said is absolutely true. Ur rite bout women n why God created us this way. I tink i have learnt as well after such xperience is tat, when u learn to fall in love always be b prepared to fall out of love. but then again, what and who is in front of u rite now must be treasured. despite their actions, ur right, we ended up forgiving them.. loving them like we used to but then again, what if it happens again? and the cycle continues. You ll ended up being all hurt n sappy. Wouldnt want that rite. I like your statement where 'Don't give too much babe,you will end up getting hurt. Give and take in a balance way,dnt give and dnt take and you will regreat it' i ll try and do that and c how it goes. I feel much beta after letting it out but im afraid it will come back and haunt me. Heh. Thnks babe! huhu..Remember, always think b4 u act or speak <--Thought for d day! Yeah!! Luv ya babe!! XOXOX

erina_z said...

heyya tasha, dah rajin update ek? hehe. will link ur page to mine, kay kay?

nway, there's always a reason for everything that happens. and yeah, most of the time it shows how life is unfair. Well the fact remains, life is unfair.

Its good that ure letting this out in ur blog, hoping that someone who reads it will understand =)Knowing you tasha, sometimes you just like to keep things to urself. Hopefully when others understand, they will realize and hopefully change =)

dont worry much dear, and like what angie said, dont give up!

papehal, mcm biasa, msn aight?

u take care girl!

mohd azmir said...

whoa!! so long comment ar angie..
wonder where u got so many idea to comment that long!! ahaks..
nice post dear!! lesson from the post "think, think n think!!! before u act or say!! =)"
keep it up!! dun stop bloggin kay!!
u hv d talent..