Toroa Dinner & Malam Malaysia

A busy weekend has passed. On friday night, I went for toroa dinner and it wasnt that fun but the food was really good, especially the dessert. Yum2! I ate alot but nah, who cares.. The dinner was at the railway station restaurant. If im not mistaken, the railway station has been abandoned? Is tat so? Heh. Pepandai je but when i was there, it looked pretty old and unkept. So I pressume it is. Heh. me, rawaida, ardi and alice!! :)

me, mikail, rawaida

Me and my assumptions. Ahaks. The very next day, I had Omsa Malam Malaysia. Extremely tiring but worth the fun. Woke up really early coz have to b there in the morning. I had to do backstage. Initially I was an usher, but because of short of hands backstage I had to do it. Kate commitee..these are some of the sacrifices I have to make. Not being able watch the whole thing.. Sacrifice..Sacrifice.. Imagine, starting from 930 am till 545 pm I was at Castle 1. That is where the whole thing took place. The crew was given 45 minutes to go back, take a shower and hurried back. Penat.. Penat sangat. I didnt eat from morning till it was about 9pm. too busy to think about food. For refreshment, we had kuih bakar and currypuff sardin. Sedapnye. So many demanded more. Sorry people.. We couldnt mass produce because tak cukup 'kaki tangan'. Heh. Penat those kitchen angels who have helped out. Thanks ya! and me as the treasurer, after calculating the sales and expenses roughly, I must say we have break even. That is good enough considering the fact that clubs often make a loss when it comes at organising cultural activities. So, I must say, OMSA did pretty well! As for the actors and actresses, you guys were great! You could hear loud laughter from the crowd acknowledging your excellent performance and humour! Yay!! Kuddos to everybody in the committee. I ended my night by calculating the money obtained and had a drink at McDonalds, as someone volunteered to belanja me. Thnks mr!! :) It was indeed a fun night!

joey, one of the main character-gao ching, me, alina

the crew (kenneth, me, wee, adeline, khai) and ba- ba white sheep

That s all from me..

Ramadhan dah nak sampai ke penghujung..

Wondering how much good deeds have I done..

Ampunkan dosa hamba mu ini ya Allah ya tuhanku..Ameen..


mohd azmir said...

hmm.. not eating for so many hours?? not good!! tapi kalo pose, takpe ar kot? ahaks...

Natasha Cheow said...

hahaha..dah takleh pose..nk wut camne ma.. heh
how come tak komen on my pics.. sob3..

m[oo]n said...

bgs bgs...teruskan usaha menulis blog yg bes

Angeline Esmeralda said...

Malam Malaysia was a huge SUCCESS!!LOve it till bits and the laughters are the best! Love it till bitS! Gonna miss all this year!Hoping for a better one next year! haha! The pics are great.. but where is my pic?! ADUH!! :'( Seeyou babe!