God, I m so clueless of what to write as my title.. This cant be.. Few weeks in msia, n im all blur.. First of, i want to say im so happy with my result.. my 2nd sem as well as my 1st year overall results... yeay and alhamdulillah.. tru out my stay here in msia, my sinus is back n mcm2 other penyakit i tell you.. sigh, i guess its a trade off between good food n sickness... but then again, maybe im more suitable stayin abroad? ahaks.. clean air etc.. sumthin to share, i have this relative of mine... my relationship with her is pretty confusing, so, keepin it short, my relative.. is confirmed having cancer n she s now in HUKM undergoing chemotherapy.. its pretty sad seeing her this way.. all her children are in jb, so no one to teman her at d hosp.. when you have sumbody close to you, goin tru all this, it makes you realise that life should not be taken for granted.. it surely affect me a great deal... wonder bout death and is ur amal ibadah cukup etc..ahaks... macam2 pk.. so far, ive been goin out too much n doin nothin valuable wutsoeva. things that i am lookin forward tis weekend..are meeting my beloved kazens during d wedding as well as goin out wit my pasum frens.. muahahah....
cant wait for tat...
tats all from me...


Heart & Soul: I like you...

Somehow, this title seems so familiar. Was there a book with this title? *wondering* Basically, I just wana share sumthin wit u guys bout the above title.
To start of,
I like you because you are so good looking
I like you because the way you treat me..like a princess
I like you because I see a future with you
I like you because you like me
I like you but my family forbids this relationship
I like you but we are far apart and I dont see it lasting
I like you but you are older
I like you but you are my sister's bf/ brother's gf
I like you but you are my friend's crush
These are some of the questions that I encounter.. as a 2nd and even the 3rd party and i bet those who are reading this, xperienced the same thing or at least one of them.. So, is it wrong if u feel one of the following? Does it make you a bad person or making a wrong move or izzit normal and everyone feels d same way? Is it fair for you to feel this way towards ur sister's bf or ur fren's gf or even being with the person because he s good looking but mistreats u.. I often wonder, why we have such feelings? Why?
Heh. We often in dilemmas when it comes to feelings.. There is no right or wrong answer and we have to accept the consequences when we make any desicion esp in relation to feelings.. That is just sucks.. Not knowing whether u r right or wrong..
Always remember, feelings were not meant to b hurt but to b cherished and flourished
Am sorry for the past and will try to improve for the better
Im out

Great to be back!

Im back!!!!! this applies to both updating my blog as well as being home..Msia..beloved tanah air. Ahaks. So, I arrived Msia on thursday night and what a hectic journey. 13 hours flight and all I did was sleep, eat n watch movies + sitcoms. I watched XMEN3, Just my luck (lindsay lohan movie) n nachos libre. Apart from tat, the food was pretty alrite. I even ate iman's share. Thnks iman :) Then during the flight, sempat got to know couple of stewards.. nice fellas.. got xtra stuffs: sweets, food and even MAS souvenir. LOL! When i came out of the arrival gate, there she was.. my beautiful mum!! i saw tears in her eyes. Tears of joy i guess. I was so thrilled to see her.. and there was my dad, waitng in the car. it was a great feeling, being back home to ur loved ones. My, the weather is pretty hot back here in msia. Luckily, it is the raining season rite now. Panas terik..not really felt. Heh. The very nxt day, went to Midvalley and my future new home in sungai buloh. Sweet as!! hahaha.. Being home, I have a new mission, to deco my new room n hse! wish me luck peps! On saturday, I went to 2 open hses!! SEdap gle i tell u. All the good food was there.. from satay to murtabak. Yum2! So far, tats the stuff ive done in msia. there s more to come.. i hope. Heh. Cant wait for my kazens n frens to finish their xms. After that, gona surely enjoy myself! yeay!!
FYI, i have no internet connection at home.. Am at mum s office 8 am in the mornin just to online. Sigh, so, dun worry if u seldom see me on.. jus in case, if ur worried? heh.. (crapping)
That s all peps!!
To those back in msia, njoy ur stay!!
As for those tat are still abroad, ill eat on ur behalf!!


A day has passed...

Just as I have mentioned in my previous post.. Ppl around me have finished their exams and for some... even finishing soon. Here I am with the other 1st year acctg students..having another week to sit for our exam. Sigh. There s nothing new happening in my life except the fact of continuous studying i tell you. Its really tiring when all you do it study and wait but again, lets think positive.. Look at the bright side..I have more time to study? Heh.
Wut are the events for this week? Well, I can say for now that I have 2 open hses coming up. By the toroans.. Yeah! Sorry guys for not helping out but what I can do is... to finish up what u guys will cook. LOL!! Yum2! Then on sunday night, i think its all around New Zealand, there will be this firework display thingie. Right now, fireworks are selling like hot cakes!! So many promotions.. here n there and I am so lucky to b a toroan as there will be sumthin going on for us on sunday night! Yay! Wouldnt miss that alright! all i can say bout Toroa International Hse (the place where I am currently staying) is tat they surely offer good services.. from the R.As to general activities. Almost first class.. Heh.
Am bored.. Am so bored.. Actually waiting for my first open hse for this week!!
Cant wait to blk msia!! Mkn msian food!!! Tak sabarnye!!!!!