Great to be back!

Im back!!!!! this applies to both updating my blog as well as being home..Msia..beloved tanah air. Ahaks. So, I arrived Msia on thursday night and what a hectic journey. 13 hours flight and all I did was sleep, eat n watch movies + sitcoms. I watched XMEN3, Just my luck (lindsay lohan movie) n nachos libre. Apart from tat, the food was pretty alrite. I even ate iman's share. Thnks iman :) Then during the flight, sempat got to know couple of stewards.. nice fellas.. got xtra stuffs: sweets, food and even MAS souvenir. LOL! When i came out of the arrival gate, there she was.. my beautiful mum!! i saw tears in her eyes. Tears of joy i guess. I was so thrilled to see her.. and there was my dad, waitng in the car. it was a great feeling, being back home to ur loved ones. My, the weather is pretty hot back here in msia. Luckily, it is the raining season rite now. Panas terik..not really felt. Heh. The very nxt day, went to Midvalley and my future new home in sungai buloh. Sweet as!! hahaha.. Being home, I have a new mission, to deco my new room n hse! wish me luck peps! On saturday, I went to 2 open hses!! SEdap gle i tell u. All the good food was there.. from satay to murtabak. Yum2! So far, tats the stuff ive done in msia. there s more to come.. i hope. Heh. Cant wait for my kazens n frens to finish their xms. After that, gona surely enjoy myself! yeay!!
FYI, i have no internet connection at home.. Am at mum s office 8 am in the mornin just to online. Sigh, so, dun worry if u seldom see me on.. jus in case, if ur worried? heh.. (crapping)
That s all peps!!
To those back in msia, njoy ur stay!!
As for those tat are still abroad, ill eat on ur behalf!!

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mohd azmir said...

good to hear u hving a great time back in msia!! hv fun and njoy ur stay!! use the time wisely ok?? dun regret bile dh blk sini blk!!
really hope can be there wif u spending all the moment we used to share!! nyway, hv fun n dun forget me ok?? luv ya lots.. miss u everyday!!

far in NZ