Heart & Soul: I like you...

Somehow, this title seems so familiar. Was there a book with this title? *wondering* Basically, I just wana share sumthin wit u guys bout the above title.
To start of,
I like you because you are so good looking
I like you because the way you treat me..like a princess
I like you because I see a future with you
I like you because you like me
I like you but my family forbids this relationship
I like you but we are far apart and I dont see it lasting
I like you but you are older
I like you but you are my sister's bf/ brother's gf
I like you but you are my friend's crush
These are some of the questions that I encounter.. as a 2nd and even the 3rd party and i bet those who are reading this, xperienced the same thing or at least one of them.. So, is it wrong if u feel one of the following? Does it make you a bad person or making a wrong move or izzit normal and everyone feels d same way? Is it fair for you to feel this way towards ur sister's bf or ur fren's gf or even being with the person because he s good looking but mistreats u.. I often wonder, why we have such feelings? Why?
Heh. We often in dilemmas when it comes to feelings.. There is no right or wrong answer and we have to accept the consequences when we make any desicion esp in relation to feelings.. That is just sucks.. Not knowing whether u r right or wrong..
Always remember, feelings were not meant to b hurt but to b cherished and flourished
Am sorry for the past and will try to improve for the better
Im out


angelineweess said...

Babe,here i am writing this which again i got a lot to say!Its been a while sice i last write something base on my feelings and thoughts!!Ur heart and Soul made me think and realised a lot of stuffs la!!I want to write on
"I like you but my family forbids this relationship"
No doubt i guess you know who this is being directed la,no matter how hard i tried to convience my mum that the ex and i are all over and we might not be getting back am afraid to say that there are chances we are getting back,he asked again and i do still like him,is it good or bad?! He just made my day by telling my he has found a job,am so proud of him in a way!! He has a huge bill to pay and am so happy for him,so mature of him which is FINALLY!!

Then the next one are
I like you because the way you treat me..like a princess
I like you because I see a future with you
I like you because you like me
like you but we are far apart and I dont see it lasting *added* If we continue on being apart
This one is to the one i am with now. The above are all true but if we are too far apart for long how?! its hard to put up a brave face every time people asked about the relationship i hate lying to say that its all ok when its not!! What can i do when i think someone else is trating me better then the other.What shall i do when i know i can rely on the other guy then the one am with now?!What shall i do when he say that he liked me so much but wld not defend me!? I don't know.Am not surprised that am being closer to Z then I.Am not surprised that i wld rather tell Z everything the I now that i know he wldnot stand up for me!!Am sick and tired.I tought coming home everything would be ok but its not!!I did and do not want to txt the ex at all when am back here but when everything falls apart and he is always there to cheer me up what shall i do?!
He txted me out of the blues when am so down.I don't know.Am So proud of him for such an acheivement and for all the joys and laughters he has brought be this few days!!
Hoping that you are having a great time back home! Missing you lotz!! Take care!

mohd azmir said...

whoa angie!! i think u beta made ur own post bout this!! ahaks.. no offense!! jk..

nyway tasha,u so right there is right or wrong in this situation!! and is hard to say u bad or u good...
it all depends on wat ur intention is! but what we must remember is, when it comes to relationship always think and think and think what are the consequences of our action!! whether is gona hurt the other party or not.. hohoho!!
*being poyoness*


Angeline Esmeralda said...

Azmir: Wait la,i buat post sendiri later!! I lazy to open up the wordpress ba.. No Offence taken, Tasha would have said the same thing!! *LOL*

Natasha Cheow said...

to both of u, like ive said, u surely haf xperienced such feeling rite? wonder what is the right or wrong move.. am i a bad person or not.. bengong2! angie.. u surely understand tat feeling rite?
as for azmir, ur being poyo alrite! heh...

Angeline Esmeralda said...

Babe,this feeling is something that has taught me to be this year, this feeling and all that i've gone thru is what I've learned this most this year!No matter what babe,do what you think is right. Do what you think and feel is the correct and right way!Its not an easy decision but if thats what you think and feel is right go ahead.Like what you always tell me babe, be prepared to fall in love and fall out of love! Remember its what you need not want!! Anyways will post my view later la.. u go check!! Missing ya!