In the end

Ramadhan has left us behind and Syawal is here with the excitement of celebration.
Another year di negara orang.
Something I'd like to share
Lately, I've been thinking bout death quite often. Weird..I know..considering my age and there s more to life which I've not yet have the chance to explore and enjoy. Then again, who says 'young' ppl cant think bout it.
It all started when.. I am so freaking excited to balik Msia but there s a stronger force inside me, or a subtle voice telling me that you might not make it. All the wonderful plans line up seems so far away.. It's like... 'Balik Malaysia nnt, I'm going to do this, eat that, meet X or Y but every single time, without fail, the sentence of 'but will I ever make it' seems to spoil my happy-happy thoughts
What is wrong with me? Am I really dying? Is fate playing a game with me? or it is just me.Being ridiculous and stupid??
I wonder..
Finally, the exam week is here..Study tasha study..or u'll end up regreting
p/s: Im not thinking of suicide whatsoever..I am happy with my life as it is.
Merepeking d tengah hari


Have you ever

U know what, after abandoning my blog for quite some time, and I know, I've promised to continue the previous post, but life's tough..Am so not in the mood to do so. Do bear with me.
Have you ever had the feeling being an outcast? Ignored by people around you?
Have you ever been beamed with lots of attention, showered with gifts and so on?
All I can say, I surely had that feeling... of the former one. Well, you see, life as a human being, I'm sure each and everyone of you had such experience. So, why do people around you treat they way they do? If you are often ignored by them (wouldnt want to be seen close or friends with you), I wonder, is it their problem or ours? Okay2, just let say, you are in a situation where almost everyone..E.V..E.R.Y.O.N.E has a problem with you and it has been occuring for such some time, say months and even years. Then I could hypotesesed (I have a feeling I made a spelling error..Truth is, not too sure of the spelling) something is SooO wrong with you. However, if a particular person has some sort of a grudge towards you, then it is his/her problem. So, why a person hates another human being? A never ending list would provide you the answer. It could be started with a simple gesture of humiliation or an action that left an impact in their life. A horrible one.Whatever it is, it can never be easily forgotten. But know wut, people forgive and forget. That's what we should do. People make mistake including me/you.
As the latter part, showered with gifts and being the centre of attention. Well, for those lucky people, do enjoy the limelight because I can tell you this, it will soon fade. Not that I have been in such shoes, but I have been more like an observer, watching from afar how did it all started and within seconds (figuratively) it all ended and you're back to square one. Being No one, nothing.. I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. So, never ever feel contented when you are the 'beautiful' rose among the roses because at the end of the day, you are just a rose. A plain rose.
LOL! Am so merepeking..
That's all from me.
Pengajaran today. Forgive and Forget and always think positive =D
Lotsa work awaits... Darn...



For this post, I'd like to talk about something which I must say, not uncommon among you guys. Do you still remember, the first time you had a funny 'tingling' feeling of the opposite sex? Whenever he's in sight, it made you smile and silly you..tried your very best to catch his attention and most of the time, you failed. Or even, you had a huge crush on this particular person, and hye, he ended up liking you back (Now that is sweet)
Whatever your experience was, I'm sure it was a memorable one and so was mine.My first enormous crush was a Mat Salleh fella. I was on a tour around Europe with my family and there he was.. Smiling all day along being a loyal tour guy. His name was Tom. His sharp features, his smile reflecting a line of gorgeous white teeth just melt my little heart back then. Even my mum thought that it was cute. Imagine, at the age of 7, I have a very high taste for men. A matsalleh. Then again, its already in the past. To be cherished.
Then you're in your primary/high school years. There was where it truly began.. As you were growing becoming more mature, having mixed emotions and without doubt, naive..
To be continued.. Wouldnt want to be late for a group meeting on a Saturday morning would I? :D


Say H.E.L.L.O.

Its a saturday night. Here I am, in front of my laptop taking a 10 mins break from an hr studying. Life s sucks. I know, look at me. In d same shoes as u. With a week to go to d finals, man..how time flies. I could still remember vividly, d day I arrived in Dunedin, looking at Azmir's face smilling after 3 months not seeing each other. It surely felt like yesterday. I've been studying my ass off for the past 3 months or so that I somehow not realise that.. 'Hye, ur 1st sem of ur 2nd year is ending soon'. Darn. Did I make d most of it, geee..I hope I did. Goodbye to my 1st sem and say A big H.E.L.L.O and A Warm Welcome to 2nd sem. But before that, let us focus on the exam first which is just days away. OoH MY.. Am I ready for it? Am all well prepared for it? Only God knows.. With the continuous activities during the weekend, it sure spells busy. busy, busy for me but... Im trying to cope... Imagine this, I used to have a min of 8 hrs of sleep per day but now no more.. 7 hrs max..even during the weekends.. Sad? I know, but I have no choice whatsoeva.Sigh.. Life s sucks..(Repetition =P) stressing on how sucky my life is rite now.
Say Hello to a new sem and Goodbye to d old one.. Maybe its too early to wish hellos n goodbyes, but somehow, it has reached the end of sem for me. A week to go n the battlefield is waiting.. Are you all equipped with the 'weapons' n 'strength' to win it? I hope I will. What about you? Its not too late.. Opps.. Its never too late..
Goodluck my friends..For the coming exam
Tasha out!!


You've been waiting for

Hye y'all! How izzit going! to who ever reading this. Like I've mentioned earlier, way back in 2006.. when it comes to me and something that i have to give commitment to, would be really hard for me to give my all...consistently updating, paying full interest towards it. Guess I'm absolutely right. Well, well... what do I have to say,
One thing for sure, I find my 2nd year as an Accounting student is surely getting tougher or... am i getting dumber? I'm in the Accounting Honours class this year andI really hope to survive till year 4. It's really crazy I tell you, with the never ending workload and assignments, I can't believe I'm still standing here with a clear mind ( I thought I'm going to be a pyshcotic or something..going for the extreme) Despite all that, I find myself slowly creeping out of my shy skin. This particular class has taught me so many things, even making these mat salleh people take notice of me, acknowlegding my existence. It was way different back in first year.
As for studies, well, all I can say, am not doing too good but surviving. Not being the best but among them. One has once told me, it's not being at the top that counts, but what you've gain through out the process that matters. That makes me wonder, you can never be at the top for as long as you want. At a point in life, you'll hit the bottom rock and who knows, later, you are at the top of the world, so why don't we just let life takes its course and be grateful of what Allah has given us. Again, when it comes to working and a superb C.V, getting straight A+'s is not the only thing that they are after but the whole package, your personality, your EQ. Enhance your soft skills and you'll be in demand by many firms. In fact, by staying in the honours class till I graduate, might actually open an oppurtunity for me to work here. Work in NZ and my, getting salary in New Zealand dollar. How great is that? Although I know. it is even syiok if you were to work in U.K. but hye! trying to be grateful, being able to study here, is a blessing for me indeed.
I'd love to continue rambling but I'm actually late for my volleyball practice. ME & VOLLEYBALL? No way? i know...but FYI, I'm getting better by d day..oppss, by d week..
That's all for now.
Insyaallah to be continued...when????