Say H.E.L.L.O.

Its a saturday night. Here I am, in front of my laptop taking a 10 mins break from an hr studying. Life s sucks. I know, look at me. In d same shoes as u. With a week to go to d finals, man..how time flies. I could still remember vividly, d day I arrived in Dunedin, looking at Azmir's face smilling after 3 months not seeing each other. It surely felt like yesterday. I've been studying my ass off for the past 3 months or so that I somehow not realise that.. 'Hye, ur 1st sem of ur 2nd year is ending soon'. Darn. Did I make d most of it, geee..I hope I did. Goodbye to my 1st sem and say A big H.E.L.L.O and A Warm Welcome to 2nd sem. But before that, let us focus on the exam first which is just days away. OoH MY.. Am I ready for it? Am all well prepared for it? Only God knows.. With the continuous activities during the weekend, it sure spells busy. busy, busy for me but... Im trying to cope... Imagine this, I used to have a min of 8 hrs of sleep per day but now no more.. 7 hrs max..even during the weekends.. Sad? I know, but I have no choice whatsoeva.Sigh.. Life s sucks..(Repetition =P) stressing on how sucky my life is rite now.
Say Hello to a new sem and Goodbye to d old one.. Maybe its too early to wish hellos n goodbyes, but somehow, it has reached the end of sem for me. A week to go n the battlefield is waiting.. Are you all equipped with the 'weapons' n 'strength' to win it? I hope I will. What about you? Its not too late.. Opps.. Its never too late..
Goodluck my friends..For the coming exam
Tasha out!!


mohd azmir said...

hey girl!! im so sure uve got all ur weapon ready.. is just the matter how u gona use it during ur battle field!! make sure u use the right one k? and dont panic, coz if u do, u gona get killed!! so just pray hard all ur weapon is working properly k?? as for me.. for sure not enough weapon yet!! lorr.. cant wait to c u soon dear!!

Natasha Cheow said...

thnks dear.. which weapon aye? hope, im so gona use d meriam then!! with a blast je, puFffFf!! hahaha.. yeah..as for you, come on, u sitl haf time to collect you weapon! wink2