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Hye y'all! How izzit going! to who ever reading this. Like I've mentioned earlier, way back in 2006.. when it comes to me and something that i have to give commitment to, would be really hard for me to give my all...consistently updating, paying full interest towards it. Guess I'm absolutely right. Well, well... what do I have to say,
One thing for sure, I find my 2nd year as an Accounting student is surely getting tougher or... am i getting dumber? I'm in the Accounting Honours class this year andI really hope to survive till year 4. It's really crazy I tell you, with the never ending workload and assignments, I can't believe I'm still standing here with a clear mind ( I thought I'm going to be a pyshcotic or something..going for the extreme) Despite all that, I find myself slowly creeping out of my shy skin. This particular class has taught me so many things, even making these mat salleh people take notice of me, acknowlegding my existence. It was way different back in first year.
As for studies, well, all I can say, am not doing too good but surviving. Not being the best but among them. One has once told me, it's not being at the top that counts, but what you've gain through out the process that matters. That makes me wonder, you can never be at the top for as long as you want. At a point in life, you'll hit the bottom rock and who knows, later, you are at the top of the world, so why don't we just let life takes its course and be grateful of what Allah has given us. Again, when it comes to working and a superb C.V, getting straight A+'s is not the only thing that they are after but the whole package, your personality, your EQ. Enhance your soft skills and you'll be in demand by many firms. In fact, by staying in the honours class till I graduate, might actually open an oppurtunity for me to work here. Work in NZ and my, getting salary in New Zealand dollar. How great is that? Although I know. it is even syiok if you were to work in U.K. but hye! trying to be grateful, being able to study here, is a blessing for me indeed.
I'd love to continue rambling but I'm actually late for my volleyball practice. ME & VOLLEYBALL? No way? i know...but FYI, I'm getting better by d day..oppss, by d week..
That's all for now.
Insyaallah to be continued...when????


mohd azmir said...

bloggin againa aye!! good one.. btw nice post dear!! hopefully both us will get thru our courses smoothly!! huhuhu... keep updating!! will be waitin... =)

Natasha Cheow said...

ya rite..ull b waiting..guess frm now onwards, jus gona wirte for no one to see but its more like an online diary kot.how bout tat? yeah insyaAllah we'll pass wit flying colour dear!!

Angeline Esmeralda said...
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Angeline Esmeralda said...

its been a while,but u blog again at last!! Babe and vollyball?! Preparations for Bersatu at chch ya?! bet ur excited! Missing u lots blog more tau ;) bkn Azmir seorang je yg baca :P !! Blog more dear!!
Babe remember what goes up must come down,one can never be on top of the world for long!! whats the pepatah melayu,setinggi tupai melompat(?) akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga!!
Take care babe!! See u soon. Btw,u gng ah to the ice skating this weekend?
P/s: Sorry bout the last post xcident click on the delet button.

erina_z said...

FINALLY! an update!!

good to hear from you girl. keep on updating =D

take care

munirmuji said...

salam...glad when i accidentally bumped into ur blog!!!
never knew before...btw..gud luck 4 exam..i tell u wat..
dis micro seriously turning ma self upside down!!!
hollycrap!!! ahaks...

but never give aiy?! ALLAH always look someone on the efforts dat dey serve...(reminded by tazkirah abang asri) not a definite result...

so wat dude...?! gambate!!

btw...cant wait 4 volley practise...my palm geting lighter to hit the net!!yeeehaa!!!