For this post, I'd like to talk about something which I must say, not uncommon among you guys. Do you still remember, the first time you had a funny 'tingling' feeling of the opposite sex? Whenever he's in sight, it made you smile and silly you..tried your very best to catch his attention and most of the time, you failed. Or even, you had a huge crush on this particular person, and hye, he ended up liking you back (Now that is sweet)
Whatever your experience was, I'm sure it was a memorable one and so was mine.My first enormous crush was a Mat Salleh fella. I was on a tour around Europe with my family and there he was.. Smiling all day along being a loyal tour guy. His name was Tom. His sharp features, his smile reflecting a line of gorgeous white teeth just melt my little heart back then. Even my mum thought that it was cute. Imagine, at the age of 7, I have a very high taste for men. A matsalleh. Then again, its already in the past. To be cherished.
Then you're in your primary/high school years. There was where it truly began.. As you were growing becoming more mature, having mixed emotions and without doubt, naive..
To be continued.. Wouldnt want to be late for a group meeting on a Saturday morning would I? :D


mohd azmir said...

igt tu 1st crush sume!!
me ape u igt?? lol...
and yeah im even not on ur chrushes list am i?

Angelineweess said...

Hie babe,
Wow your first chrush really..best-nya!! ahaha.. mana yang lain..!!hahaha.. see Azmir Jelez already?!ahhaa..
might be going to chch..see you there!!