Have you ever

U know what, after abandoning my blog for quite some time, and I know, I've promised to continue the previous post, but life's tough..Am so not in the mood to do so. Do bear with me.
Have you ever had the feeling being an outcast? Ignored by people around you?
Have you ever been beamed with lots of attention, showered with gifts and so on?
All I can say, I surely had that feeling... of the former one. Well, you see, life as a human being, I'm sure each and everyone of you had such experience. So, why do people around you treat they way they do? If you are often ignored by them (wouldnt want to be seen close or friends with you), I wonder, is it their problem or ours? Okay2, just let say, you are in a situation where almost everyone..E.V..E.R.Y.O.N.E has a problem with you and it has been occuring for such some time, say months and even years. Then I could hypotesesed (I have a feeling I made a spelling error..Truth is, not too sure of the spelling) something is SooO wrong with you. However, if a particular person has some sort of a grudge towards you, then it is his/her problem. So, why a person hates another human being? A never ending list would provide you the answer. It could be started with a simple gesture of humiliation or an action that left an impact in their life. A horrible one.Whatever it is, it can never be easily forgotten. But know wut, people forgive and forget. That's what we should do. People make mistake including me/you.
As the latter part, showered with gifts and being the centre of attention. Well, for those lucky people, do enjoy the limelight because I can tell you this, it will soon fade. Not that I have been in such shoes, but I have been more like an observer, watching from afar how did it all started and within seconds (figuratively) it all ended and you're back to square one. Being No one, nothing.. I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. So, never ever feel contented when you are the 'beautiful' rose among the roses because at the end of the day, you are just a rose. A plain rose.
LOL! Am so merepeking..
That's all from me.
Pengajaran today. Forgive and Forget and always think positive =D
Lotsa work awaits... Darn...