In the end

Ramadhan has left us behind and Syawal is here with the excitement of celebration.
Another year di negara orang.
Something I'd like to share
Lately, I've been thinking bout death quite often. Weird..I know..considering my age and there s more to life which I've not yet have the chance to explore and enjoy. Then again, who says 'young' ppl cant think bout it.
It all started when.. I am so freaking excited to balik Msia but there s a stronger force inside me, or a subtle voice telling me that you might not make it. All the wonderful plans line up seems so far away.. It's like... 'Balik Malaysia nnt, I'm going to do this, eat that, meet X or Y but every single time, without fail, the sentence of 'but will I ever make it' seems to spoil my happy-happy thoughts
What is wrong with me? Am I really dying? Is fate playing a game with me? or it is just me.Being ridiculous and stupid??
I wonder..
Finally, the exam week is here..Study tasha study..or u'll end up regreting
p/s: Im not thinking of suicide whatsoever..I am happy with my life as it is.
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