'08- Teardrops on my guitar


Want to get something very clear before proceeding, the title has nothing to do with my post. Well, The reason for it is, I am listening to one of taylor swift's song- teardrops on my guitar over and over again. I just love this song so much (My new favourite song, definitely)

So, it's already 2008. To be exact, end of March already.. Cant believe that I am a 3rd year student now. So many things to tell, to share n to gossip, but I'll 'behave' and only spill the stories that I find amusing and worth sharing??!

Amusing??! Well, I am a tutor!! Isnt that... Amusing? For me it definitely is. Imagine me, teaching, tutoring the first year students. An Asian tutor vs Kiwi kids. Phewww, it s for sure a challenge but I am happy and here to 'stay' for the experience. Having to admit that, I had few smirks at the beginning, but now, my students and I are bonding ( i guess it's more of a wish than being true? LOL!)

Wouldn't want to bore with my tutoring experience, just going to leave it at that, plus getting to know lots of cute underage kids. Totally F.U.N

There was a post 'Untitled' which Ive talked about a grandma of mine with the complicated family tree, she was diagnosed of cancer a year ago, went through the agony and misery of chemo and other diseases, and finally, on 19th March 2008, she peacefully kembali ke Rahmatullah. Innalillah Wa inailaihi Rajiun. I'm going to miss her. When I had my summer break last year, I spent most of my weekends visiting her. The drive to the hospital, entertaining her, accompanying her just seemed like yesterday. Although, she often mistaken me for my sister, I find it funny & cute and always tag along with it :D
Arwah Mak Weyh wil be missed dearly

Oh ya, the reason as to why I even bother updating my blog is that, yesterday, the Msian Otago-ians had a 'kenduri' at one of Dunedin's newly wed's hse (Shamin & Hanisah..congrats) and a junior of mine came up to me and said.. 'I added you in my blog's friend list' So thoughtful of her.. Thanks aimi! What is your blog address? Do let me know ya??!!
Again, thanks for reminding me that I have a blog which I seldom update :P and here I am, updating :P

Busy as bee.. I thought, 3rd year is going to be a 'chill out' cruise but heh, guess I was wrong. Being an honours students in itself, hectic. boring. and of course, stressful. Often wonder, why did I take up honours anyway? Why oh Why oh Why?

Guess, that's all from me. Reports are not going to be written on its own. Books are not going to be read by itself. So, that's where I come into the picture *Study on a Easter Saturday!*

I miss you


mohd azmir said...

miss you too..


Angelineweess said...

I miss u too what..

Natasha Cheow said...

waahhh..i still haf my two loyal reader..im impressed! angie, sum day, i ajak u makan laa...special one..only u...lalalala