Sunny Sunday

Greeting earthlings!

Yesterday, my hsemates and I had a 'sort of' house warming' makan-makan. Imagine this, all three of us woke up pretty early to go to the supermarket, as we're lack of food supply. To our dismay, all the supermarkets were closed as it was Easter Sunday. Demmit. We walked as far as Countdown just to look at the notice put up at the main door.. 'SORRY WE ARE CLOSED'. Walk back empty handed was certainly no fun and along the way, we had to come up with Plan B.

So, the Plan B was.. instead of our famous nasi ayam, pizzas. We had to change it to.. Nasi with no name (used cili merah) and spaghetti bologneise.

hahaha..just though of sharing this story. The lesson of the day. When you want to have a small makan-mkan, please make sure that the supermarkets are open or u'll end up..like US.

Enjoying Easter Monday
Miss u


Angelineweess said...

Sebaba u buat kenduri wothout me that is why u did not have enough food and u end up cooking some other food! hahaha!
Miss u babe! Take care!

mohd azmir said...

"our famous nasi ayam"
self declared or wat?
sajer wat issue!! hehehee
jgn marah!!