Gadis misteri

Oh My God! I finally FOUND you!!
This has been my all time favourite song!
Since I was a teenager, that was like..1o years back..Geez, I am that old aye..
The beat, the lyrics..is just so CUTE!!

Ku menanti-nanti
Ku termimpi-mimpi
Wajah bidadari
Kelmarin temui
Bila agaknya lagi
Bisa kita bersua
Ku merindu-rindu
Mata ayumu itu
Senyuman bibirmu
Terpaku dimindaku
Inikah rasanya
Bila sudah jatuh cinta

Wahai gadis misteri mengapakah kita
Ditakdir berjumpa seketika saja
Walau tidak berkata tapi jelingannya
Membuatku rindu... setiap waktu
Dimanakah dirimu...

Oh! gadis misteri
Ku mencari-cari
Adakah dikau kini
Rasa yang ku rasai
Ku menaruh harapan
Kita diketemukan
Gadis misteri
Ku sudah jatuh hati
Ku masih mencari
Oh! gadis misteri
Ku tercari-cari
Ku termimpi-mimpi
Tidak tertahan lagi
Rindu hatiku ini
Bila agaknya lagi
Bisa kita bersua
Oh! gadis misteri
Ku sudah jatuh hati

Enjoy listening
Back to work..



'S okay, 'S Alrite..

I've just finished watchin One Tree Hill. Itwas never my favourite series, but, considering it was a Sunday and I was sicked studying, might as well spent my Sunday 3pm, watching it. Not going to bore you with the details of what happened: who dumped who? your ex-crush at your front door.. yaadaa yadaa.. so typical of series' story line.

Anways, we've celebrated Nuzul's birthday yesterday! Well, actually, her birthday is tomorrow, but with classes and all, her housemates thought it would be best to just have it on a weekend. With little cute cupcakes and many other desserts on the table, together with PS2 and sing-A-star, I'd say the party was PerFectT! All of us certainly had fun! Wink2!

Before the event, I tried baking my first batch of cookies. You know, when you crave for something, you'd go an extra mile to just taste 'em. That happened to me, longing for famous amos cookies. After googling many recipes, I thought of giving it a go. How unfortunate, it didnt turn out the way I wanted it to be. It just doesn't taste as nice as amos *like DuuhH, obviously* But 's okay. I'm going to give it a try again, some when in the future :D *optimistic..That's me*

The day before, it was my turn to cook for my flatties. Again, craving..yearning and longing feeling overwhelmed me. It was buttered prawn, however. Again, it didn't taste as good as I was hoping it to be. Darn.. Again, 's alrite..*Try again tasha*

Guess, that's all for now.
Love cooking so much! Try and error comes with experimenting recipes!
Tonight, I'm going for 'sizling' beancurd!!
Wish me luck ya! :D

Till then,
Lotsa love from me


Churros!! I've 'dough'ed you!!

Churros!!! *greetings peeps*

I am suppose to continue studying audit, after spending an hour and half on management accounting, I thought of treating myself by updating my blog.

Let me see, what shall we touch on today?!
Recap of ..this week..
It rained all day in Dunedin, making it super cold to go out, even skipped a group discussion because laziness had engulfed me..Darn, *you* win this time!
I spent my afternoon, making churros..What is it?
Well...it is similar to doughnut, I guess.. all sweet and yummy! I still remember, the first time, I had churros when I was in Goldcoast.. super deliciously + scrumptiously yummMMYyyy.
Anyways, back to my 'own creation' of churros, it wasnt too bad for a first timer, its just that..erm..
they were out of shape.. but the taste, just like any other churros would taste?? LOL

Then, yesterday, I had my tutorial, teaching the 100 level kids..My, that was my 2nd last tute with them..I'm so going to miss you people..especially, kieran..LOL!! so random!!! kidding.. wish you guys all d best through out your uni life :D a small little crush do no harm to anyone, right

And one more thing, do you believe, me, out of all people would spend one of her tuesday nights, watching a movie at the cinema.. Well, I cant believe it either, but I did.. watched 'What happens in Vegas', last tuesday.. super duper cute!!! ashton is SooOO hOOttTT :D Guess, the next one, will be Indiana Jones with Syai!! Cant wait..

That s basically it, I suppose..
Looks like I have to continue studying..
Another17 days to go.. for my first paper..and less than a month to end my 1st sem..
How time flies..

Ganbatte to all my friends who have their exams around the corner..
May Allah SWT bless you peeps!!

p/s: gaining weight by the day. Have a new resolution, to fast in order to discipline myself..
people might think niat dah salah, but I personally think, I need to tahan or control from kuat makan. So, that is enough for a niat to be a niat.. to control my makan right?? *hurm...*


Anastasia, I LOVE

This particular disney movie, Anastasia, will always be my favourite! I bought its DVD back when I was in my high school, repeating the story over and over again. Not shy to admit that, I even memorised the lines and of course, their songs! Love 'em. Finding the hero, Dimitri, a handsome young man, even made my heart melt by just watching it. I know, it's just a cartoon character which explains his good looks and beautiful eyes. I guess, I'm just so obsessed with these characters because, well, there s no such almost-perfect creatures on earth- big blue eyes, button nose, thin pink lips and look great in whatever they wear (except for those super models and miss world).. LOL!! being immature and all naive..

Anyways, after listening to my favourite Anastasia's song, then it suddenly hit me. I want to watch all the Disney movies all over again. From my very first, Cinderella, or was it Mermaid-Ariel movie to Sleeping Beauty and so on. I am not fond of Pocohantos. I just dont know why. I'm not even certain of its name (hope i got the spelling right)

A dvd of those movies would definitely bright up my days to come :D *hinting* kidding.
Back to work
Need to pray
and later, Usrah to attend..

Presentations are over..
Exam is near..
Hope, I'll be stronger..
To face it, sooner or later..


Lotsa love from me!! XOXO


Smiley :D

..Smiling when I was writing this post..
To begin with, I'd like to wish all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!
You mean the world to me Ma and I thank you for all the things you've done for me..all your sacrifices and time, to bring me up as I am today. To you, I am grateful..

..Smiling still..
After talking to my mOmmy earlier, I felt so content and relief too.
I miss her voice *you know how motherly,a mother's voice can be
As for me, from being overly stressed with work, assignment and all, once I started talking to my mOmmy, the feeling is just soO.. *thinking of the right word but can't find any* nice??- pretty lame though (put in your own words when you're reading this)

I am happy after talking to you.. Guess, chatting on MSN is no replacement for your voice Ma, your motherly caring voice is dearly missed
I love you
I miss you
Do take care!

From your beloved daughter far far away,

*time to continue studying bsns 101 despite a class at 8 tomorrow..Darn.. still having weight issues* LOL


.When I am this close to..

When I am this close to..
Breaking down..
Shouting and screaming, releasing stress..
crying for nothing..

Well, I am this close to do as above..
has been a Crazy week and it will be crazier, I can assure you
Is it just me, exaggerating stuff or this is what a normal student feels?
Test and assignment, if you notice, it is not plural, yet I am making a big fuss about it.
Of course I am, because it carries a hug chunk of my final marks, there's no reason for not making it a big deal!
I am super stressed but I am fine with it..
Sacrificing capping show..
Saying 'Next time ya' to the free dinner treat from Ah Chong
Bye bye TV shows
but I'm welcoming food..and more Food, just to release stress
I wonder how consuming food helps this, but I am certainly doing it right now.
Weight, I've gained.. I need to do something about it, I will.. but for now, postponing it, is my plan

Stress..super stress..
May Allah permudahkan my urusan.Ameen..And yours too (those who are reading)
It's part and parcel of university life! Enjoy 'em or you 'll end up, missing 'em (doubt it)

Time to pray and continue with my work
I can do this!!
I believe in myself!

This close to... shoot my head!! NOT!!
Tasha :D
*I'll be fine*



Gosh..Clueless of the title, but It just felt right. What does it mean? No idea :P
Well, 'mayday mayday, can you hear me?'
It's the month of May and today is one of the days in May..so, Mayday? *naahh..am crapping rite now*
To be frank, I'm suppose to be reading a whole chapter of variance, but what the heck, the urge of blogging seems to overwhelm me tonight..especially when I know that people do read my blog..Yippie!! *Happy smiley face*

So many things happened within this few weeks..
Mid term holidays- I enjoyed it so much! From the batch reunion, dairy trip to the karaoke group date I had, it was purely fun, fun and FUN. There are pictures, but I couldn't be bothered uploading them. They are up on my facebook, so feel free to browse and I can guarantee, only Happy faces and extreme joy and 'actions' LOL!

Then the holiday ended, pile of work awaits..
ACCT359 assignment 2. I had to write about something for my future dissertation: Islamic capital market. Very interesting but still at its infancy stage, so I had a tough time, collecting and rummaging through journals and readings to understand this 'difficult to grasp' concept, still finding it difficult though.

I was still in my holiday mood even though class has started. Lazing around, procrastinating, Aahh..its becoming my favourite past time now.. Hope, it won't stay for long..just passing me by.. need to gear up for the coming exam! tasha oh tasha, stop daydreaming and start studying! *need to remind myself every now and then*

The best event of all, was Yda's birthday party..
It was the time to dress, socialise and enjoy and I certainly did all three :D
Yda is a flatmate of mine, sweet girl, pretty too..unfortunately, she s taken..
Happy 23rd birthday yda love!

Guess, that wraps up my post for tonight.
It s almost bed time..
*cough2*.. has still not recovered from this miserable pain.. *blowing nose*
Get well soon..

Lotsa love from me,
Tasha :D