Anastasia, I LOVE

This particular disney movie, Anastasia, will always be my favourite! I bought its DVD back when I was in my high school, repeating the story over and over again. Not shy to admit that, I even memorised the lines and of course, their songs! Love 'em. Finding the hero, Dimitri, a handsome young man, even made my heart melt by just watching it. I know, it's just a cartoon character which explains his good looks and beautiful eyes. I guess, I'm just so obsessed with these characters because, well, there s no such almost-perfect creatures on earth- big blue eyes, button nose, thin pink lips and look great in whatever they wear (except for those super models and miss world).. LOL!! being immature and all naive..

Anyways, after listening to my favourite Anastasia's song, then it suddenly hit me. I want to watch all the Disney movies all over again. From my very first, Cinderella, or was it Mermaid-Ariel movie to Sleeping Beauty and so on. I am not fond of Pocohantos. I just dont know why. I'm not even certain of its name (hope i got the spelling right)

A dvd of those movies would definitely bright up my days to come :D *hinting* kidding.
Back to work
Need to pray
and later, Usrah to attend..

Presentations are over..
Exam is near..
Hope, I'll be stronger..
To face it, sooner or later..


Lotsa love from me!! XOXO


mohd azmir said...

ganbatte kudasai sayang!!

hint2? bday present oK? LOL...

Natasha Cheow said...

wut?? bday present..a compilation of disney movies? tak main la brother??!! LOL!! i shud be a random kinda gift laaaa :P kidding2...

.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...

best,.. cite tu best.. rs nak tgk la plak.. haihhhhhh..

all the best tasya :)