Churros!! I've 'dough'ed you!!

Churros!!! *greetings peeps*

I am suppose to continue studying audit, after spending an hour and half on management accounting, I thought of treating myself by updating my blog.

Let me see, what shall we touch on today?!
Recap of ..this week..
It rained all day in Dunedin, making it super cold to go out, even skipped a group discussion because laziness had engulfed me..Darn, *you* win this time!
I spent my afternoon, making churros..What is it?
Well...it is similar to doughnut, I guess.. all sweet and yummy! I still remember, the first time, I had churros when I was in Goldcoast.. super deliciously + scrumptiously yummMMYyyy.
Anyways, back to my 'own creation' of churros, it wasnt too bad for a first timer, its just that..erm..
they were out of shape.. but the taste, just like any other churros would taste?? LOL

Then, yesterday, I had my tutorial, teaching the 100 level kids..My, that was my 2nd last tute with them..I'm so going to miss you people..especially, kieran..LOL!! so random!!! kidding.. wish you guys all d best through out your uni life :D a small little crush do no harm to anyone, right

And one more thing, do you believe, me, out of all people would spend one of her tuesday nights, watching a movie at the cinema.. Well, I cant believe it either, but I did.. watched 'What happens in Vegas', last tuesday.. super duper cute!!! ashton is SooOO hOOttTT :D Guess, the next one, will be Indiana Jones with Syai!! Cant wait..

That s basically it, I suppose..
Looks like I have to continue studying..
Another17 days to go.. for my first paper..and less than a month to end my 1st sem..
How time flies..

Ganbatte to all my friends who have their exams around the corner..
May Allah SWT bless you peeps!!

p/s: gaining weight by the day. Have a new resolution, to fast in order to discipline myself..
people might think niat dah salah, but I personally think, I need to tahan or control from kuat makan. So, that is enough for a niat to be a niat.. to control my makan right?? *hurm...*


mohd azmir said...

kieran huh? :|

Natasha Cheow said...

yeah!! kieran..kieran woods!! not kieran shortland.. :D student id no.. LOL!! tak ingat... cant believe i like an underage kid..ewwww

Angelineweess said...

U got a crush on ur student?! R U serious!?hahah! Azmir jelez la..hahaha!
NVM,go and ask what paper that Kieran guy is taking next sem and u go and tutor him again..hahaha!
so soon huh?! it feels just like y;day u told me that ur tutoring 101 and now its the end!
Miss u babe..!! All the best for ur exams!!

.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...

best kan jdi tutor? hehhe.
blh usha budak2..hahah
wlpun not my fav job after all..
go tasha go.. wish u all the best in studies...