Gosh..Clueless of the title, but It just felt right. What does it mean? No idea :P
Well, 'mayday mayday, can you hear me?'
It's the month of May and today is one of the days in May..so, Mayday? *naahh..am crapping rite now*
To be frank, I'm suppose to be reading a whole chapter of variance, but what the heck, the urge of blogging seems to overwhelm me tonight..especially when I know that people do read my blog..Yippie!! *Happy smiley face*

So many things happened within this few weeks..
Mid term holidays- I enjoyed it so much! From the batch reunion, dairy trip to the karaoke group date I had, it was purely fun, fun and FUN. There are pictures, but I couldn't be bothered uploading them. They are up on my facebook, so feel free to browse and I can guarantee, only Happy faces and extreme joy and 'actions' LOL!

Then the holiday ended, pile of work awaits..
ACCT359 assignment 2. I had to write about something for my future dissertation: Islamic capital market. Very interesting but still at its infancy stage, so I had a tough time, collecting and rummaging through journals and readings to understand this 'difficult to grasp' concept, still finding it difficult though.

I was still in my holiday mood even though class has started. Lazing around, procrastinating, Aahh..its becoming my favourite past time now.. Hope, it won't stay for long..just passing me by.. need to gear up for the coming exam! tasha oh tasha, stop daydreaming and start studying! *need to remind myself every now and then*

The best event of all, was Yda's birthday party..
It was the time to dress, socialise and enjoy and I certainly did all three :D
Yda is a flatmate of mine, sweet girl, pretty too..unfortunately, she s taken..
Happy 23rd birthday yda love!

Guess, that wraps up my post for tonight.
It s almost bed time..
*cough2*.. has still not recovered from this miserable pain.. *blowing nose*
Get well soon..

Lotsa love from me,
Tasha :D


mohd azmir said...

your definition of lazy is different to mine..

ur laziness = my hardworking

enough said..

anyway, hope u get well soon!!

miss ya dear..

.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...


Angelineweess said...

Can't agree more with Azmir, u no matter how much u study u also consider urself malas!! What to do with u..?!
Take care babe.. and get well soon..