'S okay, 'S Alrite..

I've just finished watchin One Tree Hill. Itwas never my favourite series, but, considering it was a Sunday and I was sicked studying, might as well spent my Sunday 3pm, watching it. Not going to bore you with the details of what happened: who dumped who? your ex-crush at your front door.. yaadaa yadaa.. so typical of series' story line.

Anways, we've celebrated Nuzul's birthday yesterday! Well, actually, her birthday is tomorrow, but with classes and all, her housemates thought it would be best to just have it on a weekend. With little cute cupcakes and many other desserts on the table, together with PS2 and sing-A-star, I'd say the party was PerFectT! All of us certainly had fun! Wink2!

Before the event, I tried baking my first batch of cookies. You know, when you crave for something, you'd go an extra mile to just taste 'em. That happened to me, longing for famous amos cookies. After googling many recipes, I thought of giving it a go. How unfortunate, it didnt turn out the way I wanted it to be. It just doesn't taste as nice as amos *like DuuhH, obviously* But 's okay. I'm going to give it a try again, some when in the future :D *optimistic..That's me*

The day before, it was my turn to cook for my flatties. Again, craving..yearning and longing feeling overwhelmed me. It was buttered prawn, however. Again, it didn't taste as good as I was hoping it to be. Darn.. Again, 's alrite..*Try again tasha*

Guess, that's all for now.
Love cooking so much! Try and error comes with experimenting recipes!
Tonight, I'm going for 'sizling' beancurd!!
Wish me luck ya! :D

Till then,
Lotsa love from me


.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...

it is good.. u r not a fan of oth...
gosh.. it is soo true.. very typical teenage love story.. hehe.. dont know why i can hook up with that series..
anastasia is much better... n all disney series.. nnti kite wat a nite of anastasia ek... hihih..

~selamat mencuba resepi baru !!


Natasha Cheow said...

ok kak yana!! tak sabar nye nk tgk anastasia blk :D make sure kte tgk tau...lalala...ahaks..is okay..nk mengisi mase lapang...its a nice story to watch pun..