.When I am this close to..

When I am this close to..
Breaking down..
Shouting and screaming, releasing stress..
crying for nothing..

Well, I am this close to do as above..
has been a Crazy week and it will be crazier, I can assure you
Is it just me, exaggerating stuff or this is what a normal student feels?
Test and assignment, if you notice, it is not plural, yet I am making a big fuss about it.
Of course I am, because it carries a hug chunk of my final marks, there's no reason for not making it a big deal!
I am super stressed but I am fine with it..
Sacrificing capping show..
Saying 'Next time ya' to the free dinner treat from Ah Chong
Bye bye TV shows
but I'm welcoming food..and more Food, just to release stress
I wonder how consuming food helps this, but I am certainly doing it right now.
Weight, I've gained.. I need to do something about it, I will.. but for now, postponing it, is my plan

Stress..super stress..
May Allah permudahkan my urusan.Ameen..And yours too (those who are reading)
It's part and parcel of university life! Enjoy 'em or you 'll end up, missing 'em (doubt it)

Time to pray and continue with my work
I can do this!!
I believe in myself!

This close to... shoot my head!! NOT!!
Tasha :D
*I'll be fine*


mohd azmir said...

Is it just me, exaggerating stuff or this is what a normal student feels? <---- let me see? is a bit of both!!
uni life is certainly hectic, but im sure u make it sound really2 bad.. ahaks.. correct me if wrong!!

anyway, good luck with all ur work babe!! u can do it!! i believe in u..

Natasha Cheow said...

fine..mayb i am exaggerating but it is surely hell for me right now..then again, i am fine with it, arent i. i am close to do those things but the point is, i am not. doesnt this tell bit bout myself..being strong here? LOL!! im not making it sound as if it is a bad thing, cume, i am at the stage of super busyness and losing my sanity. how i hope this week will soon end..