It has been a week since my last paper, but it certainly feels like yesterday
It didnt end as well as I expected, my last paper I mean, which I have to say, wasn't a good start for the holidays
Tapi, it's okay, looks like I have to berserah pada Allah yg Maha Mengetahui
Anways, what have I been doing during the holidays which explains the minimal time in fronf of my laptop, chit chatting and blogging..
Let me think..
After eemmm's and aaaaa's...
I've been going to the gym! Believe you me when I say this.. With a junior of mine, having the same 'aim', we braved through the cold and sweat our fats off.. LOL!
What else ek? Oh ya, been lazing around watching movies e.g. Stardust, Juno, 21 and the Cave of the Golden roses (ala, Phantagarow, Romualdo and the super duper HOT villiant TARABAS!!) Such a fairy tale of true love prevails- doubt that will ever happen to any of us.
How naive we were back then, watching it again the other day, reminiscing the time when we were still kids, fall for such story line.. Now, at 22, Welcome to the real world babeh!

I'm going to Auckland and Wellington next week.. with my 2 other BFF.
With Bersatu coming up, I am all pumped up and 'bersemangat' ..NOT..Kidding..
Bring it on!!

An early apology from me, for the possibility of not updating my blog
Here I come!!!


26 hours

I can't wait for this to end..
26 hours for me to be set free!! *imprisoned in her own room for the past couple of weeks*
Thought of having a 15 minutes break after putting full concentration in one of the past years paper, to prepare myself for tomorrow's exam-Advanced Financial Accounting& Reporting.
It certainly sounds sophisticated, or it does not? Hurm..
One thing for sure, it's surely complicated 'pening2'
Gosh, I just can't wait for 18/6/2008 at 1230pm.
The end of... my first semester
The beginning of... my Winter holidays!

A week to go.. When I am up in Auckland then Wellington
Muahahaha..Oppss..Where s the feminine side of me- ended up giggling 'sopan sket'


Kau Ilhamku

As this song is playing on my window media player, here I am in my room; that is yet to be cleaned and tidied- Wednesday, I'll promise you, delaying my time to be self absorbed in the super boring NZ Auditing Standard Book. Exam is just a day after tomorrow, yet I can't force myself to start studying. Why lar...
If I cant handle and 'love' this handy dandy book, which I have to admit: wordy and lengthy, how am I suppose to be an auditor in 2 years time? I need to know this stuff by heart.
Is this the path that's laid for me? Is the future that I see myself in? Sigh...

A friend of mine once told me, who on earth would be auditor- you see, an auditor's job is like a treasure hunter: rummaging and searching papers + files + documents etc. for errors made by clients and try your very very best, using all procedures available to minimise the errors made by them "sound so melecehkan". Back to this friend of mine, quoted "who on earth would want to do that as their lifetime job, paid for finding people's error (not contributing to your mind and soul, just stress and worry) and the worst part is, if you cant identify or mitigate their mistakes, you'll end up being sued. What she said, Sad to admit, does make a lot of sense, though. Again, another sigh..

Well, let's worry bout that another day or perhaps, another year..
Short term aim: to ace my Audit paper, with the help Of Allah Almighty..
Hope my hardwork pays off (hardwork la sangat..)
"Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melain kan mereka berusaha"

Also hope for my friends who have sat and are sitting their exams, will pass with flying colours "mengharapkan yang terbaik untuk teman-temannya :D"

Alright, back to Auditing Standard 500-Audit Evidence: An auditor must....
Need to mengubah my nasib by hard work!!

Take care peeps!
Cant wait for the holidays!! 4 days and counting :D
Miss MoMMy, Daddy, sister, Cuzzies and Friends.. *RinduUu*


3, 2, 1

This picture definitely amuses me. Often, in the past, I've been receiving cards, regardless, in electronic form or by snailmail and even a handmade 'anyaman' by this Mr. here

Being as thoughtful and creative as usual, he would come up with so many cool new ways to wish me Goodluck for my examinations

This year, he sent me 'this'! :D

Thank you so much (hope it brings goodluck charms)

My first paper, ACCT307-Management Accounting was yesterday and I am so relieved that I got that over and done with. Let's rate this paper- difficulty: Initially, it was but after spending time, understanding, going through in class and discussing it with friends, it wasn't that tough. Yes, you got me, the questions were EXACTLY the same as what we've done in class. Then again, if everybody has the chance to go over it, done the same thing as me, does that mean, everybody will get 100% for their finals?? Well, I can be rest assured that the chances are slim, including myself. The lecturer, did go through the examples in class, but he never ever complete them. Even if you seek personal consultation, he'd end up, not giving the final answer, instead, "I want to see arguments! points! and your understanding on this matter! Heh.. Easier said than done I suppose. Anways, Difficulty level-wasnt that hard but I'm pretty sure I missed a point or two somewhere or even made careless mistakes, which is so bound to happen.

There's two more papers left for me, on the 16th and 18th, allowing me to 'breath' for a little while.

Life is so bOOoRing when all you do is studying, that is why, I'm posting something on my blog, to get the stress out of the way :D

Anways, I so need to get back to work.
Later, I'll be cooking dinner. Recipe of the day, 'nasi ayam'
I was chatting with my sister yesterday and out of all the things we talked about, she.. had to brag about dinner that Mum cooked, Nasi Ayam
And not only that, she had to mention that they are having THE superlicious king of all Fruit , 'Durian' for dessert..
Wish I am back in Malaysia..



Life is unfair!!?!!
Count your blessing as it could've been worse...
For everything, there's a reason...
Don't be too hard on yourself...
Remember these words...

Believe in HIM
InsyaAllah, you will do just fine
Do have faith
And never give up


Junny June

I Can't believe, it's already June..
My oh My,
Half of 2008 has passed, what have I accomplished? *self reflecting is in progress*
There's nothing much to be said this time, the feeling of posting something on the very first day of June, seems inviting (here I am, doing it right now)
Exam is in a week's time
3 papers for this semester, with one full year, test and assignment due right after the holidays. How I often ponder, why am I still in the course. ACCT 359 is definitely not an easy paper, then again, is there any 300 level papers now that is...what you will call 'kacang putih'?
A lecturer of mine, he's a Sri Lankan, the MR. Know-it-all and when he speaks, he certainly captures my attention. Everytime.. Anyways, this lecturer of mine, he used to live in Malaysia, when his father was teaching at UM and to this very date, everytime I see him or ask a question, he will always end it with "Wasn't that easy, KACANG PUTIH Laaa!'` -Yeah, right-

So, after the exams, I'll be on my way up to Auckland and Wellington!! with... at the back of my mind, assignment and test that awaits me in the very first week of 2nd semester. ShOOt!

But it's okay.
One at a time.
Let's worry about that some other day.

Goodluck my friends, no matter where you are!

-Exam frizzle!!-