26 hours

I can't wait for this to end..
26 hours for me to be set free!! *imprisoned in her own room for the past couple of weeks*
Thought of having a 15 minutes break after putting full concentration in one of the past years paper, to prepare myself for tomorrow's exam-Advanced Financial Accounting& Reporting.
It certainly sounds sophisticated, or it does not? Hurm..
One thing for sure, it's surely complicated 'pening2'
Gosh, I just can't wait for 18/6/2008 at 1230pm.
The end of... my first semester
The beginning of... my Winter holidays!

A week to go.. When I am up in Auckland then Wellington
Muahahaha..Oppss..Where s the feminine side of me- ended up giggling 'sopan sket'

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.: y a n a h a s h i m :. said...

saje nk wish awl.. happy holiday!!!!.
i know by all my heart. u can do it.. hihih..kite jumpe di welly!! huhuhu

~ur comot sis