3, 2, 1

This picture definitely amuses me. Often, in the past, I've been receiving cards, regardless, in electronic form or by snailmail and even a handmade 'anyaman' by this Mr. here

Being as thoughtful and creative as usual, he would come up with so many cool new ways to wish me Goodluck for my examinations

This year, he sent me 'this'! :D

Thank you so much (hope it brings goodluck charms)

My first paper, ACCT307-Management Accounting was yesterday and I am so relieved that I got that over and done with. Let's rate this paper- difficulty: Initially, it was but after spending time, understanding, going through in class and discussing it with friends, it wasn't that tough. Yes, you got me, the questions were EXACTLY the same as what we've done in class. Then again, if everybody has the chance to go over it, done the same thing as me, does that mean, everybody will get 100% for their finals?? Well, I can be rest assured that the chances are slim, including myself. The lecturer, did go through the examples in class, but he never ever complete them. Even if you seek personal consultation, he'd end up, not giving the final answer, instead, "I want to see arguments! points! and your understanding on this matter! Heh.. Easier said than done I suppose. Anways, Difficulty level-wasnt that hard but I'm pretty sure I missed a point or two somewhere or even made careless mistakes, which is so bound to happen.

There's two more papers left for me, on the 16th and 18th, allowing me to 'breath' for a little while.

Life is so bOOoRing when all you do is studying, that is why, I'm posting something on my blog, to get the stress out of the way :D

Anways, I so need to get back to work.
Later, I'll be cooking dinner. Recipe of the day, 'nasi ayam'
I was chatting with my sister yesterday and out of all the things we talked about, she.. had to brag about dinner that Mum cooked, Nasi Ayam
And not only that, she had to mention that they are having THE superlicious king of all Fruit , 'Durian' for dessert..
Wish I am back in Malaysia..


mohd azmir said...

wow? wonder who's that handsome guy? muahahahahaha

Natasha Cheow said...

OMG! Do you haf to promote yourself here?? LOL! now i haf second thoughts..eh, jap..are u..and d guy in d pic..d same person?? :P Heh..

Angelineweess said...


Hahaha Azmir Azmir..thats so sweet! for sure she will get A, no need to say much,surely get A!
Babe, 101,susah babe...but am not sure why so many ppl left early maybe a lot of them finish just the first and second part.. haiz.. wish i had more time!!
Miss u dear.. see u in Auckland.. all the best for the next 2 papers..