Junny June

I Can't believe, it's already June..
My oh My,
Half of 2008 has passed, what have I accomplished? *self reflecting is in progress*
There's nothing much to be said this time, the feeling of posting something on the very first day of June, seems inviting (here I am, doing it right now)
Exam is in a week's time
3 papers for this semester, with one full year, test and assignment due right after the holidays. How I often ponder, why am I still in the course. ACCT 359 is definitely not an easy paper, then again, is there any 300 level papers now that is...what you will call 'kacang putih'?
A lecturer of mine, he's a Sri Lankan, the MR. Know-it-all and when he speaks, he certainly captures my attention. Everytime.. Anyways, this lecturer of mine, he used to live in Malaysia, when his father was teaching at UM and to this very date, everytime I see him or ask a question, he will always end it with "Wasn't that easy, KACANG PUTIH Laaa!'` -Yeah, right-

So, after the exams, I'll be on my way up to Auckland and Wellington!! with... at the back of my mind, assignment and test that awaits me in the very first week of 2nd semester. ShOOt!

But it's okay.
One at a time.
Let's worry about that some other day.

Goodluck my friends, no matter where you are!

-Exam frizzle!!-



Angelineweess said...

I know that lecturer, hes off to Cyprus kalau tak silap. Hes a very smart lecturer u know!! So mart at times he is lost, according to Lenny, he thinks a lot and very fast. Smart guy. I had dinner with him once.
I guess our lunch date tak jadi la.. so I'll see u in Auckland,hopefully in that 3 short days ur there. Txt me tau!!
All the best for exams babe!!
Love ya!

mohd azmir said...

all the best for exam!!
chill sudeyh... :P