It has been a week since my last paper, but it certainly feels like yesterday
It didnt end as well as I expected, my last paper I mean, which I have to say, wasn't a good start for the holidays
Tapi, it's okay, looks like I have to berserah pada Allah yg Maha Mengetahui
Anways, what have I been doing during the holidays which explains the minimal time in fronf of my laptop, chit chatting and blogging..
Let me think..
After eemmm's and aaaaa's...
I've been going to the gym! Believe you me when I say this.. With a junior of mine, having the same 'aim', we braved through the cold and sweat our fats off.. LOL!
What else ek? Oh ya, been lazing around watching movies e.g. Stardust, Juno, 21 and the Cave of the Golden roses (ala, Phantagarow, Romualdo and the super duper HOT villiant TARABAS!!) Such a fairy tale of true love prevails- doubt that will ever happen to any of us.
How naive we were back then, watching it again the other day, reminiscing the time when we were still kids, fall for such story line.. Now, at 22, Welcome to the real world babeh!

I'm going to Auckland and Wellington next week.. with my 2 other BFF.
With Bersatu coming up, I am all pumped up and 'bersemangat' ..NOT..Kidding..
Bring it on!!

An early apology from me, for the possibility of not updating my blog
Here I come!!!

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mohd azmir said...

u still did well after all right!! :)
sorry for not browsing ur blog for a quite sometimes!!