When my stomach grumbles...

When it grumbles, signalling hunger..
I've decided to write something on my blog, distracting my mind from my stomach (which only leads to food) 'makruh'

Anways, I am thinking bout the holidays! silly me right!
I strongly feel like going to Sydney during the Spring break!!
Had such thought when Syai mentioned all the cool stuffs that will be held during that time..
Besides, I miss my friends over there and am really 'semangat' to pay them a visit..Rindu..
Anyways, this is just a thought.. when my stomach is calling for food..
Sikit lagi to terbuka dear, bear for a little while..
As for my sydney plan, if there s cheap ticket, I think, then, I'll make my decision..

Oh ya, I am fasting because it is Rejab, at the same time, I have an Aim! And I hope+pray+ hope that I can meet that target!! yeah! *sick of negative comments and insults <--naahh, being dramatic over here..I'd say SINCERE negative comment?? and I objectively accept??!

Till then..



Everyone has a point in life when they hit bottom rock, feeling extremely depressed and believe it's the end of the road for them, but me, I have hit the 'low'meter of 4-lower (having 1 as low and the extreme of 5 as lowest, I believe I am a close to 4)
This unease feeling has been bugging me for almost a week, I guess
Just let see the possible explanations for this:
1) Didnt win any medal for BERSATU? could be.. Although, highly unlikely (tak kisah pun)
2) The start of 2nd semester seems so far fetched and unwelcomed..I suppose..the first week wasn't as smooth as I'd hope for
3) Overthinking personal matters and future...More likely than others.. So, hurm...

Sigh.. Why laaa...

Had a horrible week
Hope for better days.. Eh wait, I have a take home exam this friday!
Honours oh Honours!!!