When my stomach grumbles...

When it grumbles, signalling hunger..
I've decided to write something on my blog, distracting my mind from my stomach (which only leads to food) 'makruh'

Anways, I am thinking bout the holidays! silly me right!
I strongly feel like going to Sydney during the Spring break!!
Had such thought when Syai mentioned all the cool stuffs that will be held during that time..
Besides, I miss my friends over there and am really 'semangat' to pay them a visit..Rindu..
Anyways, this is just a thought.. when my stomach is calling for food..
Sikit lagi to terbuka dear, bear for a little while..
As for my sydney plan, if there s cheap ticket, I think, then, I'll make my decision..

Oh ya, I am fasting because it is Rejab, at the same time, I have an Aim! And I hope+pray+ hope that I can meet that target!! yeah! *sick of negative comments and insults <--naahh, being dramatic over here..I'd say SINCERE negative comment?? and I objectively accept??!

Till then..

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erina_z said...

Babe! I wont be in Sydney during Spring Break! Will be in Melb!

Oh wait. unless our break lain time. maybe lain time kot. hehe. kalau lain time, COME TAU! :D

And stay at my place hehe