I feel like writing something but my mind and heart are just to 'stingy' to share 'it with others..
My fingers are itchy, wanting to type but is refrained to do so.. Continuously typing, deleting and typing..
As if, it got stuck somewhere along the 'journey'..From one of the zillions brain cells to this chubby little fingers..
Exams are approaching..well, actually, its too near in fact..minus sleeping, eating, bathing, facebooking and day dreaming, that leaves me with, probably a day left..gosh..
and here I am, rambling, with not even a proper title..
ArghhhHh.... (well, now I see how the title serves its purpose)

When Tasha's gone crazy!
Goodluck friends for your final exams!
Caya sama lu!!

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mohd azmir said...

gambatte ku dasai sayang!!
chaiyok2.. good luck!! selamat maju jaya!! oh yeah...
u can do it!!!! xoxo