For some, this number has its lucky charm in it.. Pat brings prosperity, wealth etc for the Chinese
But for me, this is my target! '8'
Achievable or not? We've yet to find out, although, admittedly, I am working hard to reach that goal of mine (need to earn it!)

Today, a friend of mine made a blunt statement of me.
"Tasha, I've noticed something about you.. You seldom wear jeans"
Heh. You got it right mr.!

My Personal opinion towards jeans-
They are...
very tight! Although you could just grab those stretchy jeans to put on
making them very uncomfortable to wear: I personally find myself difficult to move around *oppPs, does that mean, I'm no girlish2- se se ma man (sopan santun) type?

Here to prove you wrong
As I adore skirts and dresses so much that I have more of them that those tight jeans!
Skirts give you the sense of girlish'ness, sweet'ness and whatever good compliments that end with 'ness- hot'ness? doubtful
Besides, it enhances your god giving body shape and I personally believe skirts do a very good job in that 'area'

Don't worry friends, hopefully, I will soon have a collection of jeans *the truth is, I am eyeing on this particular skinny jeans in store*
Skinny? Me? For now, its unthinkable! But who knows, In a month's time, probably? Alright, what about 2?
"Tasha in her new skinny jeans" sounds like a good headline, anyone?
Yeah right, more of a snort then it being real.
There's definitely no harm for girls to hope aye?

Okay2, back to the japanese drama that I paused, just so to blog

Halu-san!! I'm back!



Okay, it has been almost a week since my last 300 level paper, ACCT310
So,what have I been up to?
Not updating my blog when I have all the time in the world to do. heh

While I am writing today's post, I am listening to Jonas Brother's 'Lovebug' song over and over again..
Already has a special spot in my head, I am loving the beat, and even the lyrics too..
I can just dance to the music!! Hopping like a mad cow? Is that even possible *exaggerating to get the message across- I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!

I'm pretty sure you've encountered a situation, where love at first sight applies to you.
As for me, this song is like, love at first listening!? :)

My head is still 'dancing' to the beat of this song, Gosh!

Anyways, I'll be in Malaysia in less than three weeks time..
How time flies, third year is just a memory kept in this tiny heart of mine..
Like a roller coaster ride, I am uncertain, whether will there be a fourth year for me?
Depending on my overall 3rd year result, I can only hope and pray hard, knowing deep down, whatever the outcome is, Allah has a better plan for me :) InsyaAllah

Malaysia, here I come!
I can't wait to..
1) meet my beloved family members
2) hangout with my dear friends
3) and not to forget, eating like a 'pig'- routine of roti canai for breakfast, fast food during lunch and mum's cooking as my dinner
I just can't contain this excitement! YahooOo..

Oh ya, to those of my friends who are sitting for their exams, Good Luck I wish you ;)
And for that special person, can't wait to see you! :D