Okay, it has been almost a week since my last 300 level paper, ACCT310
So,what have I been up to?
Not updating my blog when I have all the time in the world to do. heh

While I am writing today's post, I am listening to Jonas Brother's 'Lovebug' song over and over again..
Already has a special spot in my head, I am loving the beat, and even the lyrics too..
I can just dance to the music!! Hopping like a mad cow? Is that even possible *exaggerating to get the message across- I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!

I'm pretty sure you've encountered a situation, where love at first sight applies to you.
As for me, this song is like, love at first listening!? :)

My head is still 'dancing' to the beat of this song, Gosh!

Anyways, I'll be in Malaysia in less than three weeks time..
How time flies, third year is just a memory kept in this tiny heart of mine..
Like a roller coaster ride, I am uncertain, whether will there be a fourth year for me?
Depending on my overall 3rd year result, I can only hope and pray hard, knowing deep down, whatever the outcome is, Allah has a better plan for me :) InsyaAllah

Malaysia, here I come!
I can't wait to..
1) meet my beloved family members
2) hangout with my dear friends
3) and not to forget, eating like a 'pig'- routine of roti canai for breakfast, fast food during lunch and mum's cooking as my dinner
I just can't contain this excitement! YahooOo..

Oh ya, to those of my friends who are sitting for their exams, Good Luck I wish you ;)
And for that special person, can't wait to see you! :D

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mohd azmir said...

cant wait to see you too!!!

-perasan im the special person-