Life is crazy for me right now.
I am extremely bored, which explains the blogging but I have heaps of journals calling to be read
I just can't wait for the end of March or must I say, Easter break!
i just hope that everything will eventually run smoothly with couples of bumpy rides along the road
I know, hurdles teach you to be a better and wiser person but I guess, I had had enough hurdles for now.
I am just too tired, sleep deprived and becoming such a boring person

On the other hand, despite the hectic schedule and insane workload, I kinda like it, if you know what I mean
The pressure of reading loads of journals (I know more than you do now), the late night studying and filling in applications, the yucky taste of coffee to keep me 'working', the rush of the adrenaline pumping, running for being late to class are the few of many things I would definitely miss

I know I am rambling but I just feel like blurting all of these out
To my students, thank you for your challenging questions and your innocent and not so faces when I end each tutorial questions with- "Does anyone have a question? Everybody is all good with this?"

As gruesome as it can be in marking your papers, I kind of enjoy it, knowing that for each classes I tutor, I am making a difference in their lives. Oh, I do hope for the better of course

For my 400 level friends, as stressful as life may be at this stage, I know deep inside, each of us will excel later on. The widest smile one could possible Imagine from each and everyone of you. We have gone this far, might as well, try our very best, give our utmost effort to succeed. Less than 7 months away to finish our dissertation. Hmm, how fast time flies

Alright, I have to read the journals for the coming week presentation. The hell month is soon 'waving goodbye'. By the way, I am in the midst of the worst stress month I have ever had- juggling between tutoring, journal'ing and summarising, researching and job hunting
You do the math, as all adds up to Tasha on the verge of insanity, NOT

Do not worry as, Azmir loves to say, 'Nah, i am All good aye' (can't quote the date because he just love saying 'em)

Who says Accounting is an easy paper?
Think again!
You're wrong!

From Tasha who is under manageable stress


mohd azmir said...

firstly u not BORING sayang!
u so energetic ok! sgt best!!!
and fyi coffee is not ewww!!! LAYANNEss kot..
anyway, i cant wait for easter break as well, coz im gona see you!!

Natasha Cheow said...

well, I think I am...
Too bad for you?
Energetic? Prolly I got it from you?Wacko Memer??!
Coffee taste bitter sampai I had to add byk gile susu lemak manis = kencing manis in 15 years time?
And hell yeah for your last statement!!
Jalan2 nz shall we??