Obstacles ahead

Tomorrow, 'hell' is unleashed as classes are starting, which could only equal to tonnes of workload and unbearable stress.
As this spells exaggeration at first instance, it is true, I deserve to act as such as this is my final year here in Dunedin, believe it or not. How time flies, I tell you

I don't know where should I start. Excited for the challenges to come or sadden by obstacles I faced as the new year passed me by

I have so many stuffs to think about. However, hopefully, knowing which to prioritize, making a good decision for each, InsyaAllah

I wish everybody a good year ahead! and hope everything will fall back into pieces (I hope and pray for that)

Till then,
Good luck peeps!!

Take care


Helmi Razali said...

do u by any chance know hasif mustafa?

natasha said...

Im not too sure. Hasif when I did my foundation, prolly. Tapi unsure of his surname