Take a break, have a Kit Kat?!


Gosh I am so bored and it is the weekend!
How fast time flies, I'm about to enter the 3rd week of fourth year.
What happened so far? Plenty which I would not go into details about.
Too boring to tell, actually

Anyways, nothing much is going on in my life except the normal routine of studying, tutoring, more studying and something new to add would be: hunting for jobs.
I must say, applying for some requires the same energy as sitting for a 100 level paper.

Preparing CVs, cover letters, attending presentations, meeting people and even seeking advice from the Career Adviser consume a lot of time. Oh well, I suppose, it is worth the outcome later on?

Alright, My break is up!! It is time for lunch! Toast bread with kaya and butter, here I come!
The hell of the hell week is soon approaching. Argghhhh!!~~

Till then,
Lets be stress free!~.. NOT
I want kit kat!!


mohd azmir said...

hmm.. im pretty sure ur hard work will eventually pay off!
i believe in u dear!!
u can do it..
u one of a kind!! gambatte... :)

Natasha Cheow said...

hye you!!
wah wah wah
im one of a kind huh??
point taken?
thnks for believing in me!!
so need that rite now!!
motivation!! where are u!~~