Fooled ya'

I've been fooled..
The workload is overwhelming than ever
And my head, is spinning, faster
Oh, I must catch up, *running*
No time wasted! Tick Tock Tick
I can see the finish line!1
Oh wait, no it is not *panting*
Will I ever get there?
Just a little bit more *feels like forever though*
Oh! why are there hurdles??!
Not one, not two but lots of them?!!
How many can I take? *just jumped over one- phewWw, that was close*
Watch out- here comes another one *Jumped as high*
Dabush *landing safely* and continue running
Run tasha run...
Please don't let me stop
don't let me go, don't let me give up
Because I know, I will reach to 'you' with a satisfied feeling
I want to shout out loud, I have made it!

Above is an illustration of an unsuccessful and poorly written poem?
Guess I am not a poet after all.