I hate this

I dislike watching Korean/ Japanese series.

I can reasonably say this, "It would be the last thing I'll do during my free time!"
Not only, would you need to give your devoted attention (as obviously, you do not understand the language, hence the subtitles)
But they also, paint 'fairy tales' story lines that are just not true, in reality.
I know, I know, the person who watches it should be the one to be blamed because obviously there are just stories kan? However, we are girls!! with feelings and fantasies- Mr right guy, Mr right guy doing the right thing at the right time saying the right words
To top all of that, I dislike watching Korean/ Japanese series. Not like I have any grudges with the people from these two nations because undoubtedly, there are super hot! *already melted with few ;), or must I embarrassingly admit more :P*

Tasha hates fairy tales as it will not come true - for her at least
Tasha hates spending 7 hours watching them *which I did last night..Ish3x*

Back to reality now. I really like the story though. Oh well.

Holiday is here! WeeHooNot..