I hate myself, for being so forgetful

It's the first Monday in August and it would be another half an hour to go, before a meeting with my supervisor.

As I was getting prepared for it- reading journals to refresh this old memory of mine, suddenly it strucked me "Did I or did I not return the laptop? If I did not, which I am pretty sure of, then where could it be?"

So, my typical menggelabah mode was on, as Azmir would put it. He s one of the few people that needs to stand this side of me. Sorry la ye.

Anyways, I had a major presentation last Friday and there were two of us, Ella and I. As I was the last person to present, it was my unspoken duty to send it back to the Accounting Department but because of my uncontainable excitement, right after the presentation, I just walked off the room, relieved, forgetting that poor old computer in that room.

Which brings me to my next point, I am such a forgetful person! I'm going to be 23, not even close to 32 yet I have the memory of a very2 'ancient' person.

I hate this part of me. As I would have recalled, I've lost things easily, say, 3 watches in 3 years! I bet no one can beat that kan? I hate myself, hate, hate, hate myself.

Haish, anyways, been asking, emailing and texting people of the laptop's whereabout. I really really hope, someone from the class, did return it. Please say he/she did.

I guess, I need to start eating more fish and kismis and less on the meat. As well as spirulina? Those supplements that moms force us to eat, especially the time when we had big exams.

Note to self: I hate myself.

Oh btw, 2 months plus till I unofficially graduate. Haa.. Now that, you can't beat, unless you are already employed. *Boo me*


memer said...

chill out sayang!!
no need to hate urself..
i love the way u are..
ex oh ex oh...

Angelineweess said...

so wht happen to the laptop??
see azmir mmg syg u.. haha.. e'one has their weakness..
love u babe...

Ruzaireen said...

so did you find the laptop or not? suspend ni. it happens to the best of us hun. :)