Hatred is strong

Why so much hatred?

I'm amazed with human emotion: to hate, to love and to ignore. I must say, each entitles to his/ her feeling, no doubt.
But I am even more fascinated with human behaviour.
This brings me to the Wh- questions
Who mold it? What shape it? Why is one behave as such?
I know, psychology is not my strength, but experience definitely has taught me a lot.

I was one told by someone, I am a pretty straightforward person, doesn't beat around the bush to express my intention. Well, for some, that might not be favourable; being offended, for others, You nail it! Point noted!

At this instance, similar to feelings, each individual has his own weird/ quirky behaviour. Again, one is entitled to behave as he wants to; which leads to my next point, when does behaviour become acceptable/ not in one's eyes?

In my opinion,
All boils down to the environment and people around you.
If the environment is surrounded with beings that are not comfortable with straightforward people like me, then they end up, being hurt or offended. If they felt as such, I apologised*

*there is no fault at apologising to someone, even for the tiniest mistake, because, who knows, you end up, not having the chance to do so tomorrow and regretting- better now than never

Anyways, again, the environment you are in plays a vital part in perceiving whether your behaviour is acceptable or not.

I know, I am of no position, to question one's behaviour, because I myself, is flawed.
But do watch your behaviour, to think before you act or say because, it reflects of who you are inside.
It is a mirror of your intentions.
Remember, you can't take them back once you've blurted them out, and it is forever scared.

"Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you"

My intentions are genuine, with no grudges. So, do not take it the wrong way.

Grow up, only then you can forgive and forget

May Allah bless us