Babysitting for a day

I'm babysitting my cousin's kid. An adorable 8 months old Husna.
While her parents, my aunt (her grandmama) and my mom are away, checking out their new house, I voluntarily stayed at home, watching her sleep.

They are such beauuuutiful creatures; with their tiny little fingers and toes; and their teeth-less smiles- can make one's day as bright as the sun. Husna did just that :)

I'm sure I'll have my own some day but at the moment, I am happy babysitting for several hours. The thought of waking up at the wee hours in the morning, breastfeeding and changing diapers etc doesn't seem inviting, well at least for me, today at 24 (Gosh, that's old :/)

However, I am happy for my cousins and friends who will or already have their own kids. And I am more than happy to play with their babies, again, for a couple of hours, and that's about it. I guess, it's a sign that I'm not ready to be a Mom or maybe, it comes naturally when that beautiful little creature enters your life. Oh well, that is for me to find out and for you to see in the future.

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